Traub Mansion Walk-Through

Well I have successfully allowed myself to be completely obsessed with my new baby blog. This morning I actually forgot my towel for my shower and had to run down the hall dripping wet – all because I had blog post ideas on the brain. I’m not complaining, not one bit. But as I ran down the hall I couldn’t do anything but laugh at myself. So feel free to join in.

During all that shower thinking I’ve decided that I’m way behind on my blogging.
“How can you be behind Lauren, you just started!?”

So glad you asked! As Ryan and I are now planning and orchestrating our next big home remodel I’m realizing how much more I want to post about before I start sharing what is happening now. Bear with me – I might be throwing a lot at you in the next week so I can get more off my mind and start showering with towels  get you up to speed.

And now back to the title of this post. The ‘Walk-Through’. Yes, I’m going to share with you exactly what we saw when we first walked through the Traub Mansion. These photos are straight from what was posted on Trend (nope, I wasn’t going to waste any time cropping out the logo) and these photos are what I saw on my house search and in truth what took my ‘house love’ breath away. As soon as I came across this home I had to do a drive by the very next day and immediately asked my Dad to schedule a showing. Speaking of which, if you don’t already know my Dad, he’s a realtor. And a pretty damn good one at that too. He did after all get us a Mansion. Score.
So without further adieu here she is:







I realize that I just referred to our house as a ‘she’… and as a woman maybe I should take more offense to people referring to their homes, cars, and ships as females. But, honestly – I don’t! There’s something about men calling their cars that they love so much by a females name that just warms my heart. A big hunk of machinery that is trusted to take them safely from one place to another, almost like surrendering in complete faith to the car (or ship, truck, plane, whatever floats your boat – pun possibly intended) that makes me think: why wouldn’t and shouldn’t it be referred to as a female? We are strong and trust worthy, and more times than not we’re taking care of our men anyways. I’m sure by now you’re wondering what my name for my car is…and to tell you the truth I still (after owning her for over 3 years) have not come up with the perfect name. Once I do, I’ll be sure to share (and overly post) about it.

Staying on task here…..Ok now on to the Backyard:














That little white shed looking thing is actually a one car garage. And there is even a stone fireplace there in the back right next to it. Granted there are trees right behind and above it, preventing us from having any fires in it as of yet. But we’re thinking of ways to allow us to do so.

And back to the front again before we head inside, here is our front porch. Which has quickly become my favorite ‘room’ in the house….especially on cool summer nights.








Here is our entry and living room. Puke green color and all. When looking at the picture of the stairs and fireplace – the front door is just over to the left.








This is the view you get right upon entering our home: (and yes, it drives me nuts that they had the traffic flow right between the sofa and the television)








And here is our…dining room? Yea, not much dining went on in this room when we looked at his home. And please do notice the hideously dirty lace curtains. Complete with black our rolling shades. Gross.








So everything up until now has really more or less just been cosmetic changes. Nothing too bad right? Well just wait till you get a glimpse of this kitchen. Our kitchen. Yes, we’ve been cooking in this kitchen for over a year now.









Maybe this photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but I’ll be sure to post more images of the kitchen in later posts. It’s complete with ill placed foe bricks for a backsplash, some kind of original, crappily built in cabinetry, laminate, laminate, laminate…and yes, that is a drop ceiling and florescent light.  More on how much changing that light made me fully realize how lighting can change your moods later.

Possibly the only nicer room in the entire house: the first floor powder room.








Now to upstairs. This room serves as our guest bedroom:








And this is our third floor:








There you have my ‘love at first house’ site. That’s all it took to spark my interest and get my designer brain running. The Traub Mansion has 1.5 baths (so far you’ve only seen the half bath), 3 bedrooms on the second floor, and a large bedroom / loft like space on the third floor.

And to document our progress, since I knew that our home would not be staying anywhere near in the condition it was when we bought it – I made sure to photograph every angle and every room right after settlement.
But, as some of you may have guessed – that comes in tomorrows post.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of what our house looked like when we saw it when we I fell in love.

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2 comments on “Traub Mansion Walk-Through

  1. Megan says:

    Home ownership is great. Especially when you can see potential!

  2. michelle81 says:

    I see a lot of potential in your home. I haven’t seen it in person as of yet, but my goal is to come and see it, and possibly help with demo/remodeling of the kitchen. 🙂 This house truly looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

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