April 29th 2010. Settlement Day: Part 1

Today was such a big day for us design-wise! Not to mention a huge day for our very dear friends Jeff and Colleen who, as of today are parents to a new french bulldog puppy! Be sure to check out their new little one over on Love Home and Style. They are picking her up this weekend, and the second we meet her and I shove a camera in her face, I’ll be sure to share all her cuteness. Congrats you two!! Ryan and I couldn’t be happier to be a new Aunt and Uncle. lovsies!

Before I go spilling about our big news, I’ve still got to show off our new digs just as we bought it – one perfectly horrible blank slate. Don’t worry, the new big project is soon to come!!

So let’s hop right in that Delorean (I can’t help using a Back to the Future reference whenever I’m given the opportunity) and go back to April 29th 2010. Settlement Day.


Yup! We cracked open some champagne to celebrate the occasion! Not to mention, I kept the bottle to possibly use as a vase down the road. We’ll see what I end up doing with that piece. Go me for being super sentimental.

Here’s our living room, which you’ve already got a glimpse of, but without any furniture. Man, do those lace curtains really show how dirty they were in these pictures! I apologize for the area rug. I had picked it up days before we settled in pure excitement and anticipation. I got such a great deal on it – I found it at Rice’s Market (a flea market in Bucks County). It’s a Crate and Barrel Rug – 5 x 7 that was originally around $400 that I snagged for $100. Woo!

Regardless of the area rug being there or not, you can still see some of the damage spots on the hardwood floor.

Project #1 – Refinish Hardwood Floors.

We decided that it would be the easiest to do it before we actually moved in, before we brought all our stuff in and then had to move it back out to do the job. The first two floors are Oak and the third is a much softer Pine; photos you’ll see below.

There he is! Looking so nonchalant and adorable. Not to mention he’s giving me the ‘why are you taking a billion pictures’ look. I get that look often…

And now to the dining room. I was actually extremely please that the previous owners left the large mirror on the wall. Not only because we didn’t have a full length mirror when we moved in – so it came in handy when getting dressed in the mornings (and still does!), but I’m hoping to someday build a really nice frame for it. Add that to the secondary project list.

Loved the bay windows from the moment I saw the house. Such character! Not to mention the thick base molding. Reminds me of my apartment (and all the homes) in Savannah.

And now moving on back through the house to the kitchen. ….ugh.

God that step down into the nook (as we call it) to get to the fridge is so insanely annoying. For a couple who really likes to cook together, it’s amazing that we ever cook together in this kitchen. The layout (not to mention it’s inefficient cabinets) just does not lend to good flow. The dishwasher is actually to the right of the stove as you can see, so when I’m doing the dishes, the door is right under my feet when Ryan is trying to load or unload the dishwasher. Plus when the door is open we can put away our tupperware that lives in the lower cabinet to the left of the sink.

Enough with my complaints about the kitchen (we’ll get to that someday), and onto the powder room.

I didn’t have my wide angle lens yet when I snapped all these photos, but the powder room is just to the right of the nook (so when you’re looking at the fridge the door is to the right). Again, not the worst room in the house – but not exactly my our style. But since it doesn’t disgust me, it’s definitely the last on our list to attend to, as far as rooms go.

I especially love that ceiling in the powder room!

Now to the left of the fridge, directly across from the powder room, is the door to the backyard:

Under the little roof to the right of the stairs is a door to our basement. Yup we have a walk out basement! Which would be totalllly awesome if the ceiling height was a little higher. However, the basement does have some special features down there that I’ll share in a second.

Not a bad sized backyard. And we especially love the fireplace(pit?) as I mentioned before. And now to our basement:

Thats the door that goes out to the backyard. And Yes, that is our ‘outhouse’. Here’s a looksies to what is considered an indoor ‘outhouse’ :

Yup, it’s just a toilet in there. So bizarre. And no, we weren’t the ones to draw the little moon on the door. But I’m thinking about repainting it on there (much nicer) when we get around to tidying up the basement. I think its hilarious that ‘outhouse’.

Not the prettiest washer and dryer but they work! Seem newer since the previous owners never ripped off the blue plastic protectant film. And there is our second fridge! Yay for future outdoor bbq’s and beverages housed in that thing. Currently we don’t even have it plugged in, since we haven’t been doing as much entertaining as we’d like to be doing – so we’re saving on energy costs. But the option is nice!

Oh, and my utility sink! The answer is YES! I LOVE that thing! Especially with all the painting we’ve done – it has been so wonderful to have a dedicated place to wash all of our brushes.

That funny looking door to there does lead to a larger room/closet – however it is also home to a huge oil tank, which is empty, but it just sits there. Secondary list / future project: remove the oil tank. ..I hear it’s quite a big and tedious job, and it’s not necessary for us to remove it….but, I’d like the extra storage room some day for sure.

And there you have the stairs looking down from the kitchen into the basement. Not the most exciting shot, but I warned you I took too many ‘before’ shots. …I bet you’re giving me the same look Ryan did up in the living room.

That concludes our tour for today. I’ll pick up and show you the second and third floor tomorrow. But I hate leaving you with a dingy and disgusting staircase to look at, so as every proud Aunt, and because I just can’t help myself….here she is!!!

Anyone else have any new additions to their families this summer? Ryan and I can’t wait to add a little pup to our family, but we’re giving that a few months till all our renovation chaos is done!


3 comments on “April 29th 2010. Settlement Day: Part 1

  1. Megan says:

    For all your renovating, don’t under estimate the power of Craigslist. I’ve sold TONS of scrap material or old fixtures etc that I’ve pulled from my house. I sold ALL my knotty pine wood paneling to two gay guys for $100 that they were going to put on a ceiling.. When it doubt, “Curb alert” has been my best friend. Amazing what people will pick up. The Habitat for Humanity has been a great friend too. I’ve also taken things like a random car axle I found in my yard, and some other metals (electrical wire) to a scrap yard for some $$ that went right back into fixing the housey up.

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