April 29th 2010. Settlement Day Part 2

Here I am again, STILL giving you a tour of the Traub Mansion. I know, I know.. I’m antsy to get to the projects and show off all our progress too! But, I  promise it just won’t feel as satisfying if you don’t see what we’re dealing with here.

So let’s get on with it and see the upstairs shall we?

Here is our upstairs hallway…which looks like the last time it was painted was never many many years ago.

And do you see that stripe down the floor? Yea, it’s not a shadow…we’re guessing possibly a previous wall? Anyway, that got addressed during our first project (reminder: the floors)

The closet at the end of the hallway is actually HUGE for a linen closet, even for new construction today – and doubly huge compared to the rest of our closet storage for the bedrooms.

It still needs to be painted and organized, but it’s still great to have!

And now on to our one and only bathroom in the house. Get ready. If you thought the kitchen was bad – you’re in for a treat (?)

I don’t have many words for this bathroom…more just like absurd faces. But I will tell you that we refused to move into our new home until this bathroom was updated.

Project #2 – Gut & Replace the Bathroom
I really feel like I should renumber the last post and this one, because this project really was number 1 for us. I mean it’s hygiene. Numero Uno. In any case, I’ll let you know (spoiler alert) that we update the bathroom (more on that project to come) which didn’t allow us to move into our April 29th purchased home until the weekend of 4th of July (2010). Luckily we purchased our home during the $8,000 tax credit incentive and were able to use that tax credit towards both the bathroom and our floors. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Onwards with the rest of the house.

Ok, that’s not the best picture, and unfortunately you can’t really see how grungy the walls were, but they looked just like the hallway: unloved unpainted for many many years. But the room above serves as our Guest Room.

And here you can get a sense of our storage issue:

TINY TINY TINY! (somehow as I typed that the Hefty Trash Bag commercial popped in my head)

This photo shows the other end of our upstairs hallway. The first door on the left is the entrance into the Guest Bedroom, straight ahead is the Master Bedroom and there is another doorway on the left that serves as our Closet Room. (and behind me is the bathroom and hall closet).

What is a Closet Room? Well it’s the room that you turn entirely into your closet because you have no Walk-in-Closet in your Master Bedroom.

And here is our Master Bedroom. Hideous Paneling and all. I’m a little embarrassed to report that this was the last room that I got around to painting. Mostly because I figured no one saw it but us. But in retrospect I wish it was the first room I painted because waking up to that every morning….didn’t exactly start my day off in a ‘pretty’ mood.

Here’s our lack of closet that I told you about which was inspiration for the Closet Room:

Just off our Master Bedroom are the stairs up to the third floor.

Yes, that’s a random sink. No, it doesn’t work. (Spoiler Alert! we’re thinking of running some plumbing upstairs to the third floor eventually to be able to add in another full bath (and value) to our home)

We have a lot of space up on our third floor and it’s a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with the space. Currently it just serves as a storage area (and as my craft room when I was working on many many projects for our wedding). However, as I sit here dreaming up what it could be – literally as I type this my husband and his best friends are setting it up as the ‘man cave’. I lose. (for now)

So there you have the Traub Mansion’s interior in all her blank slate glory.  Here’s some better views of the front of the house. Trees and bushes covering most of it.

And there you have the conclusion of Settlement Day. Pray for me and ‘Man Cave’ Day. I’ll make a note to post to you the mens Interior Decorating skills once they’re all done up there. Stay cool today!


2 comments on “April 29th 2010. Settlement Day Part 2

  1. Colleen Musika says:

    I have seen these pictures before but for some reason they look waaay worse then I remembered……Your house has come a looooong way. And I am glad I never had to use that upstairs bathroom lol!

  2. perri says:

    Beautiful house. I cannot wait to see the revisions young lady, and grats on your beautiful wedding both of u.

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