Roux’s My Niece

If you remember back during my Traub Mansion Settlement Walk – Through I gushed about our new niece that our friends Colleen and Jeff picked up this past weekend. So as soon as they brought her home on Saturday we had to run over to meet her! They named her Giroux – after the French hockey player, as she is a French Bulldog. However, seeing as she’s not a male ice hockey player – Colleen decided to nickname her Roux (pronounced like Roo). She debated naming her Mouse (as you may have seen in her post here, or Pinot – which would have been as equally cute.

But seeing as we’ve known Colleen was planning on getting a French Bulldog for well over a year (if not years) we’ve been referring to the dog as Giroux for quite some time now.  Both our husbands are HUGE Flyers fans so they swore they were calling the dog Giroux even if Colleen did end up naming her something else. And even though she’s a girl, it still stuck. So Roux it is.

And as promised, I immediately shoved a camera in her face, although in this case it was my new iphone (happy early birthday to me!) so I also was playing around with all my new camera apps. She is adorable! Check her out!

Colleen is such a proud mommy! And I must say, they look good together. I love when pets match their owners, and this one certainly does. Adorable and loving (Roux gave us all hundreds of kisses – don’t that literally – Colleen does not run around the room kissing everyone) and so full of personality.

And that’s Roux with her big sister Kieta. Big sis is transitioning well from what I’ve seen so far. Though I’ll have to ask Colleen how that’s been going…

Hopefully Colleen and I can schedule some time while Roux is still a puppy to do a proper photoshoot. Just cause we can!

Doesn’t everyone take millions of pictures of puppies!? xoxo

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One comment on “Roux’s My Niece

  1. chelle81 says:

    I took so many pictures of Copper when he was a puppy. So much so, when I pull the camera (or cell) out to take a picture, he poses. LOL

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