My Life’s A Bee

I got a belated birthday present. And I love it so much and it is so perfect for me that I just have to share. My girlfriend Niki (who was also the best Maid of Honor ever!) and I are one day apart. Her birthday is the 29th and mine the 30th. And we were both a little late on our presents this year. Not that they weren’t sent on time…just arrived a little late. However, I was totally ok with this seeing as that my birthday seemed to continue for a few days while I anticipated her package.

When I opened it I literally squealed with delight. And here’s why..

Beyond perfect!
Niki got me a pandora bracelet with a bee charm (queen bee to ‘bee’ exact, but the fact that it’s a bee had me tickled)

Why is a bee so exciting to me? Well I met Niki at college, where we attended (and roomed together for 3 years) the Savannah College of Art and Design. SCAD’s logo? None other than a Bee.  Bee perfection numero uno.

I agree. That bee is just hideous. And very mean looking. I get that SCAD is an art school with sports so the mascot had to look a little intimidating, but that bee just doesn’t do it for me. I should also mention that Niki is an extremely talented photographer – check out here work here.

And the second reason that the bee is perfect for me is because I am currently starting up an event planning company with my girlfriend (and author of Love Home and Style) Colleen!

We’ve named our company Belovely and our logo is of course a bee! Bee perfection numero dos.

We had a girlfriend (whom I also met at SCAD and who was one of my bridesmaids) Haley help our with our logo and we couldn’t be more pleased! Be sure to check out Belovely’s website and blog! We’re constantly updating with new ideas for styling events as well as updating our portfolio. Belovely is also on facebook so don’t be a stranger and be our friend!

Belovely actually had a photo shoot this past weekend where we got to work with the lovely Colleen Stepanian to take some promotional shots of Colleen and I. Not only did we take some headshots, but we did a little styling for Belovely as well! Here’s a sneak peek!

Don’t you just love our bee shaped cookie!? We had a blast shooting with Colleen Stepanian (how many Colleen’s can I have in my life!?) and we can’t wait to see the rest of the shots!

Speaking of shots, I should be getting my wedding photos this week as well (a wonderful and beautiful wedding planned by Belovely of course!). I’ll be sure to post more pictures once I get ’em!

Coming up next…..the ‘Man’s Room’ (formally the Man Cave). Not as lovely, but still worth a post! (love you honey hunny!)


One comment on “My Life’s A Bee

  1. Denise Raus says:

    Lovely! awesome gift

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