A Look Into ‘The Man’s Room’

As promised, I’m giving you a glimpse of ‘The Man’s Room’ (as Ryan so fondly calls it) in all of its unorganized and slightly messy glory. Granted I didn’t really give Ryan fair warning that I was photographing it (although he did read yesterdays blog, so I don’t feel super terrible) so don’t judge too harshly.
This is more or less a look (and documentation) into how men decorate (although I did have to step in and give some advice)

Ok that’s not the man room, but that’s what the little landing room looks like once you come up the third floor steps. Mostly just some fabrics and college art supplies (really gotta organize that stuff!) as well as props and decor items from our wedding.


If you haven’t guessed already, I had a hand in the poster placement. The guys were unpacking the posters and naturally gravitated towards placing them all over the room. I suggested grouping them together into a poster art wall. Both Ryan and Josh seemed to agree that was a good idea. Granted some are still hanging from their placement blue painters tape, but at least they’re condensed into one area.
I will also take responsibility for the piles of art work and supplies in the corner. My bad. We’re definitely in need of some shelves and storage bins for up here. I do, however, enjoy that even though the room is messy – having brought all Josh’s belongings up here to store while he’s off training, has allowed me to get a really good visual as to how much this space can accommodate. (We’re thinking future guest/master suite).
Add some organizing, fresh paint, new furniture, new light fixture and she’s he’s gunna be one sweet little Man’s Room.

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One comment on “A Look Into ‘The Man’s Room’

  1. heather ryan says:

    Brad needs one of these rooms. However, our tiny condo doesn’t have a room we could use. So guest room it is. I love the clustering of the posters. I’m going to copy this idea with brad’s posters.

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