Donate, Cut, Color.

Here’s where the blog goes a little personal (as if viewing my house and belongings and wedding isn’t personal enough). But I’ve been letting my hair grow for a while now. I kept it long for the wedding, and refused to color it for my big (and most photographed) day because my goal was to donate it.
I’ve always been told I have such beautiful hair from every stylist I’ve seen (I seem to constantly jump around to whoever is available). Thick. Fine. Blonde. Apparently good hair to have. So why not share my goods? Hair grows back, and I love the thought of doing this and knowing that someone out there is enjoying a wig made of my hair. Good deed for Lauren.

So we got married a month ago (to the day) and I still haven’t cut it. Why? Well as silly as I always thought girls were for feeling this way – I’m a little attached to it. But enough’s enough and now I’m ready to cut it. I think.
Problem is: I don’t know how to cut it. Plus, I’ve been dying to dye it (hehe) seeing as Ryan’s not really a fan of blondes. I’m actually the first (and last) blonde he’s ever dated. And personally I love brown hair and blue eyes. But I’ve always been blonde. Dah! How does one just out of blue choose an entirely new look? I need Tyra.

Anyway, here’s my face without the suggestion of my current hair style (courtesy of Niki Wilson of Southern Shutter Photography)

Specifically, the photo was from a boudoir photo shoot I did for Ryan’s wedding gift (oh-la la!) but that aside, I basically have quite a round face and big eyes.

And here’s what I’ve kind of narrowed it down to. Although I need more guts to do the one style vs the other.

I know, I know…. “what!? a pixie cut!? she’s considering a pixie cut!?”

Well, yes. Yes, I am. I might cry after they cut it, but I’m considering it. Definitely the more daring cut of my two ideas (obviously). But I figure, why not? Life’s short. And if I hate it, it’ll grow back.

And my other idea is just a longer bob-type cut. My hair does wave (and I’m quite lazy when it comes to drying my hair anyway) and the second “Ashley Olsen” style could work for me pretty easily.

Here’s where I could use some comments on a post. Some advice, suggestions, opinions – anything. I’m dyeing for a change.

psst – both images came from Pinterest – any of you also obsess with that site? It’s great for inspiration and ideas – from fashion and home to travel and food!


7 comments on “Donate, Cut, Color.

  1. chelle81 says:

    I like the idea of the pixie cut…but it may be a little TOO short for your face. But then again, you’re beautiful, soooooooo it’ll look great. 🙂

  2. Jasmine says:

    I chopped my hair off a month after my wedding too and it was very liberating. I love my new Halle inspired pixie and although I don’t think I’ll keep it forever (only because I’ll get bored again soon), I’m glad I did it. I say go with the Hermione cut….. if you don’t like it, you can always grow it back!

    p.s. I feel like I am stalking your life. Love the blogs!!

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