An Upgrade FOR The TV

As soon as we bought our house, I’m sure you know exactly what was on Ryan’s purchasing mind: yup, a big ole TV. So TV we got. And a much bigger one that I think our room calls for, but a big TV’d fiance husband, is a happy one.

Now, once we got the TV we didn’t quite have a stand for it. I’m slightly ashamed to say that it sat on milk crates for a few months little bit before we got around to getting our “official” temporary solution. Enter Walmart. Just one walk-through of the furniture department we spotted a nice black tv stand for $50 and we couldn’t pass up the cheap-o buy. Anything beat the milk crates.

Not a bad stand, and we liked the more transitional and sleek look. But here in lies the problems:   1) it was Walmart  AND  2) it couldn’t handle the weight of our TV

Just check out that bow! (not to mention the mess of movies and video games) But the weight of the TV warped the top of the TV cabinet which then caused the doors to not work properly since everything was stretched and moved and the pins just didn’t sit right to operate as intended.

The back even started to bow, and don’t even get me started on our wire mess! But that’s what we’ve been living with. Not horrible, but not great. Just a stand.

Anyway, long story short….we got married (haha) and luckily I had smartly registered for a TV stand from Target. My parents have a TV stand from Target, and they’ve had it for years and it’s still in good shape (and no warping!) so I knew that registering for one would definitely be an upgrade from our current situation. Didn’t really expect to receive any furniture – but surprisingly and thankfully we did!

I know right? Who cares about the awesome looking TV stand!? Who is that adorably handsome puppy!??

And because he snuck into the ‘after’ photos, I’ll take this time to introduce him. Well, his name is Cedar, and he’s 9 years old. He was initially my brother’s dog (back when my brother was 12 (now 21)), then was my parents / the family dog and now he lives with Ryan and I. My mother unfortunately has lyme disease (if anyone hasn’t watched it – please watch Under Our Skin and learn more about this insane, horrible, and sneaky disease – Love you Mom – the movie is a ‘watch instantly’ film on Netflix and I highly encourage watching it). Anyway, my parents have a wooded area behind them and after finding numerous ticks on Cedar earlier this spring my Mom just couldn’t have him bringing them into the house anymore. So, lucky for us he’s here living at the Traub Mansion! (no woods in our backyard).

At first he wasn’t too keen on the transition, but we go on daily morning walks which he loves, and I knew as soon as he started stealing (he likes to take items such as pjs, shoes, dish towels, socks…anything really – and carry them around the house) again I knew that he was feeling at home.

Since my hair cut debacle post (if you haven’t read it see the post here) I haven’t been able to decide on a style as of yet (you all had split votes, and Ryan doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion either! Argh! Decisions!) but I felt like soooomeone needed to get a hair cut and so Cedar got his last buzz touch up before the summer ends.

Fresh cut! Handsome pup!

Just look at that face! He loves all the attention and we love how soft he feels. Plus, the cut helps minimize the shedding  …Score! Even though he’s 9, he certainly acts like a puppy still and has so much energy, but with the biggest and kindest heart (man I love goldens!) and now with his new hair cut he looks as youthful as he acts!

Love me some Cedar Cedarski.




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