My Labor FULL Weekend – Part 2

Alright, let’s finish up this table project!

So when I was dreaming up this table for those 2 long years I kept envisioning it being finished in a gloss white. I guess I really wanted to give a rustic table a modern and sleek look. However, once we finished building Ryan finally asked what color I was going to paint it and he threw out black legs as an option. Oh no. Now I’m doubting myself. So naturally I went to my trusty Pinterest to get some inspiration.

I knew that I wanted to keep wood chairs at the table, and possibly collect other styles to create a mixed matched look, so I tried to look for the vibe and color scheme that I thought would best fit my table project and my home.



As expected, I found myself attracted to a monochromatic, beige and white dining room. (and I apologize for the tiny pictures, but you get the point). Although, I did notice that in some of these images I did like the wood top and since I have more of a parsons leg than a spindle, maybe finishing the bottom really sleek and simple and doing the top differently might be the perfect combination to make this project a little more transitional and a little less french country. So I said my ‘thank yous’ to Pinterest and continued onto painting the base of the table white.



I started by taping off the door part so no primer or paint got on it while I painted the fresh new wood white. I started with some Kilz Latex Water-Based Primer and then had my table looking like this..



I put two coats of primer on the legs and “apron” of the table. I felt no need to paint the underside of the table since it wasn’t going to be seen. (Although, Allie, my little sister, pointed out that Cedar might be under the table and look up and it won’t be pretty for him….Ah, such a cute kid…) After the primer was all dry I moved onto off the shelf (no color added) Semi-Gloss white paint and added another two coats of this paint to the table.



You’ll notice that I painted the underside of the extra top plank white as well. At the time I still thought I was going to paint the whole piece white and in retrospect I maybe should have waited until I definitely figured out what I was going to do, but the underside just needed to be finished, and really, having a gloss white finish underneath makes fingerprints and whatnot a little easier to clean. (I don’t know why I picture my future kids sticking gum underneath the table and being happy I finished it in this way cause gum would be easier to remove on a gloss finish…..gum? at dinner? …I know it doesn’t make sense…I dunno what to tell ya, I’m weird sometimes)

So before I had Ryan help me flip this puppy over to start working on the top, I had to seal and finish off the bottom of the table. Enter Water-Based Polycrylic.



Now, if you’re refinishing a piece of furniture, make sure you use WATER-BASED poly, as regular poly will yellow on white painted furniture. I opted to get the clear semi-gloss finish instead of the high gloss. Why? No idea. It just seemed right. The finish would still be kinda glossy so I knew it’d still be easy to clean and wouldn’t be insanely glossy and take away from the transitional feel.

Two more thin and even coats of poly on the base, and it was finally done!



And now onto figuring out what to do with the top piece. Since I initially thought of painting it white, I thought I had to at least see what that option would look like. And after taking a look at the colors around my home and some of the colors in the door, I thought maybe staining the wood piece grey might blend nicely with the door. So onto my good ole trusty Photoshop…


And after some flipping back and forth between the two photoshopped pictures, and talking it over with Ryan, we decided that the grey option definitely was the better choice. Even though the white would feel nice and modern, it made the door stand out in a  ‘what the heck is this door doing here’ kind of way.  So it was on to Home Depot to get some stain!


I grabbed a pamphlet of Behr stains at Home Depot and opened it up to see a lot of grey stain colors. I stood in the store, wanting to leave with a stain and not spend the time traveling back home to hold up these tiny little swatches next to the door to figure out which grey worked best just to then travel all the way back to HD to purchase it. But the massive amount of grey options was a little overwhelming. Luckily I took a picture of the table on my iPhone and referenced the picture when selecting a stain. I knew I wanted a mid grey tone that wasn’t too cool or wasn’t too warm. THEN I had the internal debate between getting the solid vs the semi transparent color. Gah! I hate making decisions sometimes! Thank god I had my mom expecting me at her house in 10 minutes so I had to make a decision fast. I selected Pewter in semi-transparent and picked up a tiny little sample can (costing less that $3! Score!), got my color mixed and left HD confident in my decision.


Note that the color with the pen park is the one I chose, however the paint mixer expert at HD pointed out to me that the color wasn’t Dark Gray (as I asked for) but that the names were on the bottom and that the color I was pointing to was in fact Pewter. Whatever, so the spacing makes the color label look closer to the one below it than the one above it. Way to be confusing Behr. Regardless, I left with the color I wanted and got two thin and even coats of stain on the last piece of unfinished wood.




After the stain was all dry, all the table top needed was some Poly finish. I put two coats of the same Water-Based Poly on both the stained wood as well as the old door and was finally done with the painting/staining/poly-ing portion of this project!

Ryan then helped me place the table (once it was all dry) in the dining room and here you can see the (almost) final product!



All this table needs now is a nice glass top to finish it off. (I’m currently waiting on a few more quotes to get the best price!)  And now to the project breakdown:

Old Door: $0 (already owned)

Wood purchased for rest of table construction + wood filler and screws: Roughly $70 (somehow this receipt went missing)

Primer: $0 (already owned – but roughly $20)

Behr Semi-Gloss White Paint: $0 (already owned – but roughly $10)

Water-Based Polycrylic: $18

Pewter Behr Semi-Transparent Stain: $3

Glass Top: TBD


So far this dining table has cost me roughly $91 dollars. Definitely beats spending hundreds of dollars for even an Ikea dining table. Plus, every day that we eat at this table we’ll be able to bask in the glow of our success – I still can’t believe it turned out so good! I couldn’t be more pleased, and it turned out exactly as I imagined it would two years ago when I trucked the door home with me. Ha! Take that crazy looks from mom and Ryan!  And I’ll also mention that I even have enough left over wood to make a bench! Woop! Woop! More projects. Although I can’t quite decide if I’d want the bench at the table or if it could be put to better use upstairs in the hallway…. hmm….

Now my dining room is certainly screaming for a new chandelier, this I know. I can’t seem to decide if I should go with a more traditional chandelier, a rustic and farmhouse look chandelier or a more modern pendant chandelier. This may call for more photoshopping. Not to mention my $50 buffet desperately needs to be refinished as well. Oh and I need some curtains…man the list just gets longer and longer (Ryan I hope you stopped reading already!).  But for now I’m very very happy with my new dining table, and I’ll be sure to update with new pictures (and prices) once I get a glass top on it to really finish it off!





One comment on “My Labor FULL Weekend – Part 2

  1. Denise says:

    Wish I could have one to stage my house! Great job, and super tutorial! I remember the original moment of your inspiration (Deb’s house for Aunt Lynn’s Baby Shower) and really don’t remember giving you crazy looks about the idea, but perhaps it as more due to you buying the old door to add to the craziness of our garage (remember all your dorm stuff moved in there as well) a couple years before owning your house. Who knows? Maybe the inspiration for you to get your own place! Love it! Is there a dinner invitation forthcoming?! ~ Mom

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