A Flag Tutorial


Man oh man! Have I been busy! I’m going to try my darn hardest to post some of my projects I’ve been working on lately. Trust me when I say – there have been a lot of them. From house projects, to Belovely Events parties and photoshoots, to my very own Etsy shop (yup! finally…more on that later) and even setting up a Belovely Shop on Etsy. Phew! And that’s not even the start of it…

But first things first. On September 30th my sister turned 6 (see my birthday shout out post here), and of course Belovely had a hand in the decor! Allie asked for a ‘cat’ party, which we then adapted to a Pet Shop Party (with her blessing) to appease the other kids who may not have the same passion for cats as Allie does. (Yes, she even got a kitten from our parents for her birthday! She named her Pink Diamond – pictures to come!) And obviously this Pet Shop Party came with DIY projects! Today I’m going to share with you how I made flag banners out of felt and ribbon. A $6 project. Yes, 3 full strands of banners to span the width of a dining room all for just 6 buckaroos. The cheapest and biggest impact ever.

After being quite obsessed with flags (and even posting about the current trend on our Belovely Blog here) I wanted to add the lighthearted and festive decor element to this Pet Shop Party.  One trip to Michaels and I got some felt pieces and cheap ribbon and got to work:

First I cut the felt into triangles with this template (which I made in Photoshop – I wanted to be sure to have equal sized triangles and at the same time make them as large as possible. I was able to get 2 full triangles out of each sheet of felt (as well as smaller triangles which I evened out and made a strand of lots of small flags – unfortunately didn’t document this process, but once you get the leftovers, I’m sure your creative mind will catch on…)

I then took to my hole punch which you’ll notice that from my art school days I had at one point purchased this fancy dancy one (no idea what for!) but I loved the non traditional circle cut and figured ribbon would thread through much cleaner.

I punched two holes (about an inch and a half in from each end) and got to threading my ribbon. Note: I used an entire reel of ribbon (I believe 3 or 4 yards?) as to leave a bit on each end of the flags so I made sure it could span the room and I had something to tie off with

And here is a sneak peak of the party set up complete with flags! Unfortunately it was rainy on the day of the party (boo!) but we initially planned to hang them from a beautiful arbor on my parent’s back deck. But, as event planners we know that if there is one thing we can’t control it’s the weather. So we made the best of it and pulled our magic off indoors.


Can’t wait to share more details from this event! Not to mention the changes going on in the home! Hint: projects involve hammers, paint, lighting, and possibly a stencil…though not all at the same time!



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