Fall: The Changing Of Colors (a few times over)

Ok, so way back when we bought the house, the walls were green and the trim a pinkish, yellowish white. blah. So last you’ve seen (other than the sneaky peaks of wall decor updates that clearly gave colors away) this is what we were left with.

Before we even moved in, I had wanted grey walls and a blue dining room. Why? Well I’m weird I guess, but that’s just what I wanted. I thought light grey walls in the living room and a darker blue in the dining room would have a nice contrast and compliment each other. And so I continued to paint the living room Porpoise by Behr.

Please ignore the yellow color on the right, that has nothing to do with anything Traub Mansion. But this is a googled picture of the color swatch because, well….Porpoise didn’t stay long. I don’t even think it lasted a week. (and the only picture I took of it was on my old crackberry (which I didn’t seem to send to the new iphone when I switched over to the good side) Once it went up on the wall it looked lavender. Not grey. Fail. All it took was asking two of Ryan’s friends what color the walls were when they first came to visit the house and I had my answer: Home Depot and on to more painting.

I guess the light lavender had me screaming inside, and I went the total opposite as to not make the same mistake twice and went dark (blueish) grey. Enter Behr Dark Ash:

Note the old curtain solution! Ugh, why was updating those not closer to the top of my list. I think we lived with our windows like that for far too long. But the roll down shade and dirty-as-hell lace curtains just weren’t cutting it….

You can also see above the change in the dining room (obviously not blue anymore) and the addition of the Lack Ikea shelves (man do I luuurve them!)

And so the walls stayed this Dark Ash for well over a year until I got the painting itch again at the beginning of October. (Yes, I’ve been a little busy and this update is coming not so up-to-date).

I still had the desire for a grey living room. And something not so cave like. Our lack of lighting in the living room and only getting northern and western light in the room didn’t help much either. So I hit up my Benjamin Moore paint deck and found a new love. Gray Horse.

Ah, she seemed like the perfect grey-beige. I spent many a night googleing (funny how that’s a verb now…) other rooms that had been painted the same color. Gosh it seemed perfect!

Crisp, clean, fresh and most importantly GRAY!

And so a can of paint I bought and I immediately put it on one wall (just to be safe!)
A little blue, am I right? Why oh why me!? Ok so even though Home Depot had the Benjamin Moore color in their system, I have this gut feeling it wasn’t mixed correctly. But alas, instead of fixing the coloring issue, I went back to the drawing color swatch board.

I just wanted straight gray. No red or purple or blue hue added. My answer, I went to a color swatch book that I acquired in college and took out all the grays. I picked the ones that went best with the beige in the dining room, taped them to the wall and picked my favorite. Home Depot did a color match for me and although I was shocked to see that the color match had colors other than black (the swatch was pure gray – good old Color Theory class) I went with it anyway. I mean how was I going to get closer other than having them only add black to a can of white (which was bound to come off more blue anyway – black tends to do that with interior paint). If anyone fancies this color – I will certainly share my mixture recipe they gave me (and I kept for future reference)

I took the same approach and just painted the walls (2 coats each) one at a time. Here’s an array of progress photos…. (thinking I may have to spray paint my deer head – something about the orange just isn’t clicking….)

That’s about as nuts as my living room has looked in a long time. I’ll be sure to upload a final, put-back-in place photo soon. As for the left over Gray Horse? Well I used up the rest of that too….where? Ah, you’ll have to wait and see…

What are your thoughts? Are you loving/hating the new gray? Does anyone else out there have as many gray issues as I?!?


15 comments on “Fall: The Changing Of Colors (a few times over)

  1. Mom Weintraub says:

    I am so confused. When did you paint
    the lighter grey? Whatever, Iove it. It brightens up the entire room and then some. Much cheerier.
    Now you can add accents of various shades of greys or whatever other color. Love it alot.
    Hope you don’t mind a mother in laws opinion.

  2. Cant wait to see future post

  3. cakes26 says:

    I had grey issues too! You’re not alone! My living room and bedroom are two different greys but it took forever to find the one to work!

  4. […] Remember that Benjamin Moore Gray Horse color that was painted on my Living Room wall for maybe a day or two? Yea, it was too blue, and I thus went on my Gray paint extravaganza (spoiler alert: yes, that gray has since changed…haha seriously someone get me some ‘I paint my house too much’ help). If you missed my Gray Issues post, see it HERE. […]

  5. Grey seems to be the most impossible color when it comes to interior painting. When I moved into my new home, I had visions of a perfect mid-level gray with just a teeny, tiny hint of blue. Somehow it ended up looking like baby blue paint with a hint of grey. After avoiding that room (office) for months, I finally went bold and chalkboarded it. It has since become my favorite room in the house.

    Now trying to find a lovely, deep, darkish gray (perhaps with a hint of blue) for my guest room (which has lots of natural light, white painted historic wood trim and natural wood flooring.) Keep seeing “Beluga” pop up on Behr’s site, but I’m afraid it might be near black. I don’t want to lose the “greyness” of it, but I do want something dark. After seeing your photos of “Dark Ash” – it looks like it might fit the bill. Was there anything you didn’t like about it (or found to be an unpleasant surprise) once you put it up on the walls (other than the aforementioned cave factor)?


    • Hi Amy!

      I actally LOVE the Dark Ash – I did decide to keep it on my fireplace wall, it’s just a great color. Some people (mostly men) see it as blue, but it definitely comes off grey with a blue hint. I’d give it a try! Way to go bold with the chalkboard, I’m considering doing a wall in my dining room, though might wait till I have kids to fill it up 🙂

      Best of luck!

  6. LiLy BeTo says:

    Can you share the mixture recipe pls……

  7. Hillary says:

    I am on the search for the perfect gray. Is there a way to replicate the last color match you did? The gray is awesome!

  8. Chasery Baxter says:

    Can you share your mixture please. I am currently dealing with a gray blue that is more baby blue-silver. When all I really want is a gray. Help!

  9. Court says:

    I’m having the same issue with grays. Will you please share your gray paint formula? It looks great!

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