Meet Our New Puppy!

Meet our new little girl, Teak!


We adopted her last week, in one of the fastest and unexpected adoptions ever.

The Story: Ryan and I had been talking for a while now about wanting to get a puppy, and somehow our plans went from “after we’re married” to “maybe for Christmas”. So on Friday night, the 25th of November, I sat at home a little bored and whipped out my lap top to do some casual puppy searching on Low and behold I found a litter of 3 girl puppies that were coming up in mid December from South Carolina. They were a lab mix (dropped off in a cardboard box, so there’s no knowing what they’re actually mixed with) and oh-so-adorable. I showed them to Ry (he said they were cute, but that he wanted a boy puppy) which I accepted as an “ok” to fill out an application to the rescue. I figured even if we didn’t get one of these puppies that it would be good for them to have our application on file for any future puppies we might inquire about.

That very next morning at 10 am I received a call from the rescue (Home at Last) telling us that the puppies were actually coming in tomorrow (that Sunday) and asking if we wanted to meet them. That was an easy question – obviously!!! I was jumping up and down so excited! Long story short, we met her, fell in love and prayed they would pick us. Yes, there were about 20 people interested in each puppy, so after they filtered the applications they picked about 10 total people to come meet them so they could see who they thought would be the best fit for the pup. We went the extra mile and brought our 9 year old golden, Cedar with us to see if the two got along. Thankfully, they called us Sunday night and told us we could have her! Eek!

So last Wednesday, November 30th, we got our new baby. Her name? Well my very first golden was named Aspen, and then we got Cedar (when Aspen was 9). So we decided to stay with the nature inspired names and thus named her Teak.

Needless to say I spent this past weekend doing nothing but photographing all her cuteness. See more photos of her on my photo blog HERE. (God help me when we have kids, the amount of photos I take is slightly ridiculous)

She’s so adorable, so well-tempered and training is going very well! Cedar is liking her too, and is loving the extra attention and walks! Love my new little lovebug!



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