The Changing Of Colors Continued…


Remember that Benjamin Moore Gray Horse color that was painted on my Living Room wall for maybe a day or two? Yea, it was too blue, and I thus went on my Gray paint extravaganza (spoiler alert: yes, that gray has since changed…haha seriously someone get me some ‘I paint my house too much’ help). If you missed my Gray Issues post, see it HERE.

Well since I had purchased a gallon, I found a home for the Gray Horse… behold, the powder room that we get a lot of compliments on, but hadn’t done a single thing to since we moved into the house…


Nothing horrible, but the green wasn’t my favorite. Nor was the lighting and lace. So, enter Gray Horse stage left….



Picked up these two light fixtures at Ikea and gosh they make a world of a difference. Also picked up the frame and art insert seen above.



Even though the lace is gone, I still need to replace the window treatment. Roll down shades just don’t do it for me. Oh, and the door knob. Honestly, I kinda like that it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, however it isn’t working functionally and we actually had people get stuck in our powder room! Quite embarrassing (and yet hilarious) when you’re throwing a 50th birthday party for your parents. Too many phone calls from the bathroom being made in our house. Not good. See all the details of the party HERE.


Powder Room To-Do List:

  • Replace window treatment – maybe nix a treatment and stencil frost the window instead?
  • Replace or spray paint the towel bar
  • Replace the light switch cover plate
  • Replace the door knob (spoiler – this has been done! – update soon!)
  • Paint the ceiling white ??
  • Paint the sink base and mirror (gray? white?)
  • Update the toilet with a white low-flow, ‘green’ one
  • Sand down the door so it closes easier
  • Paint trim & door
  • Tile floor with a nice dark slate tile


As you can see from my list there’s a lot of ‘Replace’ and replace takes money, which in my case means this isn’t happening overnight. Still debating on if I should paint the ceiling white and/or the sink base and mirror. Any thoughts?




2 comments on “The Changing Of Colors Continued…

  1. cakes26 says:

    i LOVE that doorknob!

  2. Leigh says:

    you should do something artsy w/ the doorknob – like mount it within a shadow-box frame; it’s super cool.

    and i think you should leave the ceiling since it goes w/ th efloors, but the sink cabinet and morror are too dark & don’t match the feel of your newly established look for the house.

    {but this is just my POV; & if you don’t want the knob SEND IT TO ME!!!}

    BTW – love the blog & your wedding! *gush-gush-gush*

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