I started this blog a while ago to allow me to keep a kind of journal if you will about the changes in my home. Well, needless to say I’ve been slacking. The good news? I have been taking pictures along the way at least! So as we’re knee deep in our kitchen reno  (literally – SO MUCH PLASTER!) I’m taking a look back at the stages my kitchen has been in up till today.

Looking back 2 years….Here are some photos of when we first moved in,  – from blank slate to “making it work”



Don’t be jealous of my drop ceiling/linoleum floor/hidden fridge/dirty makeshift cabinets!! Man, I remember the day we bought the house I SCRUBBED and SCRUBBED that kitchen, I had black suds rolling down my arms. It was disgusting.  Ugh! EWW! Ok, yes – gross, shake it off.

But as our tax credit from the government for buying during the incentive went towards a new bathroom (trust me, it needed it – need a reminder? check out the post here) We knew we had to wait to save some funds to do the kitchen precisely how we wanted to. Which for an interior designer was a blessing and a curse. 1. I had to live with gross kitchen for far too long, and for a couple who loves to cook together – no bueno. 2. This gave me 2 years to plan and dream about it!  … I’ll be sharing my floor plan with you in later posts, but know that turning this tiny and awkward kitchen wasn’t designed over night.

Anyway, here’s some Moved In photos:



More TRAUB KITCHEN PROJECT posts to come!!


One comment on “The Start Of ‘THE TRAUB KITCHEN PROJECT’

  1. […] considered using the landing space/mudroom (aka where the old fridge use to be – see that here)  as a pantry […]

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