Instagram Peek

I spent my evening doing various projects and allowed myself to catch up on Game of Thrones with the hub before bed instead of writing a lengthy blog post on the kitchen progress.  How dare I! But I had to share something…

Even though part of my evening involved taking down the plaster ceiling in the kitchen, I had to dedicate some time to the rest of my house. Sad to say but our yard was looking more like a jungle than a yard; so I spent a good few hours mowing the lawn, cleaning up after the dogs and trimming up the trees and vines. But to focus back on the kitchen, I thought I’d share a few instagram’d shots of our kitchen progress to tie you all over till tomorrows post.  Lengthier explanations to come!


1. Knob and Tube electrical / 2. Demo Process / 3. Found a Trinket Toy in the Wall / 4. Teak and Layers of Linoleum


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