The 2-Year Kitchen Design

Two years. Yes, that’s how long it took me to finalize a kitchen design. And in this post I’ll share with you some of them. Just a handful, cause I’m pretty sure I tweaked and changed our kitchen into about 8 different floor plans. Crazy, I know.


Design 1

Although I work at as an interior designer, I loved using the Ikea Home Planner, not only because initially we thought we were going to go with Ikea cabinets (more on that later) but I also loved being able to plop in standard cabinet sizes and see a 3d rendered model as well. Makes selling my ideas to my husband so much easier. But again, on to the first design:

To further explain the layout I included some notes on the floor plan above (same as design 1’s plan) to let you know the lay of the land. There are so many traffic walk-throughs in our tiny kitchen that coming up for a design was tricky. I kept trying to come up with the most  efficient design, utilizing all the walls and allowing for comfortable walking space.

I always knew I wanted white cabinets and a grey countertop. In that aspect designing was easy. In this design I split the oven and cooktop and considered using the landing space/mudroom (aka where the old fridge use to be – see that here)  as a pantry area.

Design 2:

We always talked about opening up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and adding a breakfast bar. I love the idea and designed this plan making it work.The countertop would have a ~1′ overhang (not shown in the plan) to be able to tuck stools under.

Again this plan has the fridge and range on the same sides as the Design 1 plan. Which is opposite of what it currently is (shown in photos here). The main difference is the addition of the breakfast bar, but this design also has glass cabinets. Which. I. Love. Note: when we went to Ikea to start pricing out the project their kitchen designer suggested not putting the glass cabinets near the stove due to steam fogging up the glass – valid point …which brings us to design 3 (which we came up with at Ikea with their designer)


Design 3:

So the Ikea kitchen designer had us move our glass cabinets to the other side of the room. Not a crazy difference between Design 2 and 3, but more finalized.


I should also note that in all these designs we moved the dishwasher over next to the sink. You’ll see the change in later posts when I show the existing floor plan and the new final floor plan, but in case you were looking for it – in the perspectives we put the decorative cabinet panel on it to hide it, but it’s placed to the right of the sink.


So Design 3 it was. We were set. We loved it. 100% stamp of approval ready. Ry got his breakfast bar and I got my glass cabinets.  Granted this all took place last fall (let’s say September/October 2011) and before we decided we were going to hold off on the project till spring I was already ripping out the upper kitchen cabinets (that’s how much I hated them – I couldn’t wait. They had to go.) And it’s when that happened that we found some surprises. But that’s for our next post. Hahah major cliffhanger. But how about you? Which of the designs above do you like best?


3 comments on “The 2-Year Kitchen Design

  1. Lindsay says:

    I also agree #3. But I like big open kitchens so I’m not so sure I’d go with the breakfast bar… I think it makes the kitchen look smaller. Maybe lessen the width? Or go with an a rolling bistro island, even a small table. But I love it. 🙂

  2. Lissa says:

    can’t wait to see your progress! gosh! i wish we owned so i could rip out our rental kitchen! good luck!

  3. […] BRICK WALL! this requires some design adjusting – if you notice our Design 3 we had lots of cabinets and a tall fridge on this wall, which if we kept the design the way it was, […]

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