Let There Be Light

Jumping ahead here, as I’m in need of making some decisions in regards to lighting. Since I’ve already shared my inspiration photo with you all, I figure why not skip ahead for a day. I’ve realized that I’ve never updated any of the lights in our home because, well, I like lighting too much to make a decision. Theres so many pretty fixtures out there – how can I possibly choose? So I’m trying to stick with my inspiration photo to base my decisions off of…

I’ve shared the above photo with you before, but what you don’t see is the lights above the window. I’m currently trying to figure out what to put above mine. My dilemmas? Well we have 2 windows vs the 3 in the photo (and two sconces would just look like antenna to me) and our sink won’t exactly be centered anymore.

So I’m thinking of just doing one fixture above our windows to avoid the antenna look. Can you see it? Or am I just crazy?

Anyway, so now to picking a fixture. I totally love the old bronze finish with the brick wall so that I’m set on. Especially cause I’m currently loving this guy (courtesy of Colleen) for my dining room. Eldridge Rectangular Chandelier:

So here’s my likes so far:

1. Hudson Valley 122 Edison 38 Inch Island Light   – Love that this splits into two fixtures, so even if I keep it centered over the window I’ll still have light spread over the sink.

2. Hudson Valley 771 Monroe 6 Inch Wall Swing Lamp –  The side arm swing of this is perfect, allowing me to place the light where it looks the most balanced. The shade is much more rounded than the inspiration.

3. Hudson Valley 8322 Garden City 8 Inch Wall Sconce  – I’d get this in the old bronze finish as opposed to what it’s shown in, but this may be the closest option to the inspiration.

4. Hudson Valley 3416 Petersburg 16 Inch Mini Pendant  – School house pendant – I can’t help it, they’re so cute. Too much? Does it go? Too much white with white cabinets?


As you can see I’m a bit torn.  I still need to weigh in on Ryan’s opinion (as an electrician, the lights in the house is maybe the only thing he has an opinion on).
But what do you think? Are you liking the rustic/vintage light fixtures or are you thinking I should go in a totally different direction? Which fixture is your favorite? Wall Sconce or Mini Pendant? Opinions please!


9 comments on “Let There Be Light

  1. Colleen Musika says:

    Im leaning towards 1 or 2. I think #2 won’t look as antenna like because its rounder and goes out instead of up. And #1 would just look really pretty. I like the dark/black metal best too.

  2. I like 1. and good call thinking ahead to the antenna. i would have bought the two, mounted them, and THEN realized. do you have that recangular chandelier?? i totally love it.

  3. Mom ( Gwen) says:

    I like 1 and 2. 3 is ok, 4 is out ..

  4. alison briggs says:

    I’m leaning towards still using 3 lights (maybe a little smaller, like 2 or 3) and center them based on the window, not on the sink. Start with 1 centered on the window and go out from there. I feel like 1 wont be enough. try popping it into an elevation.. that always helps me 🙂

    • You’re totally right, elevations make a world of a difference! I swear sometimes it’s hard for me to do something as simple as an elevation when it’s just for me and not for work.

  5. […] all over the place on this front. If you remember my initial kitchen lighting post, I first thought of doing a wall sconce, however we’re now decided on and wired for a single […]

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