Before It All Started, Demo That Is

Ok, I’ve officially written this post twice now and the ‘save draft’ button likes to clear and delete your work instead of save. So frustrating. Forgive me if I sound aggravated throughout the rest of this post…

Double posts today in hopes of playing a little catch up. Seeing as I’ve taken most of the week of it seems necessary. I realized on Monday that we’ve officially been without a kitchen for a month. Granted we started demoing last fall (2011) when I took down the plaster to find a brick wall, and removed the upper cabinets and ceiling, but I’m talking a month with no appliances or base cabinets. Needless to say we’ve been eating out a lot, hence my lack of posting. All that eating out meant I needed to start a serious workout regimen. P90X is kicking my butt and I love it. (I’ll let you know how I feel/look in 84 days… haha)


Before we could even start taking down all the walls I needed to clear out the room. That meant boxing up the items in our base cabinets and removing our pantry shelf from the room along with a few other miscellaneous items….



Yup, you can see two fridges in that photo, which means we’ve been living with 2 (well technically 3 if you count the unused one in the basement) refrigerators since November.


Nothing like using screws to make sure your drawers don’t fall into your cabinet. (note: we didn’t do that)  Ugh. Just Ugh. Remove it, remove it all ….DUN DUN DUN…. To Be Continued….



One comment on “Before It All Started, Demo That Is

  1. […] all the prep work and we tore down the walls and ceiling next on the list was the stairwell ceiling, electrical […]

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