Tear ‘Em Down

Side note: I hate that tear (crying) and tear (as in something apart) are spelled the same and are pronounced totally different.

Time to tear this puppy up! (sans puppies though). A little over a month ago we put Cedar and Teak in the backyard (our almost 10-year-old golden and our lab/pit puppy mix, respectfully) and started taking down the walls. Mind you we had one kitchen to demo – though I swear we demoed at least 3. We had so many layers of wall to remove! It was ridiculous. First was drywall, then hardboard, then plaster. And don’t even get me talking about the floor just yet. Insane. Anyway, so here’s our demo process…



And then our good friend Josh stepped in and lended Ryan a hand and together they took our kitchen from this:

to this:     (thanks for the help Josh!)


After a long and hard day of work, they were done. Three photos up – that wall of yellow behind the fridge is actually concrete. So that guy was staying and our contractor decided to frame on top of it. I then stepped in and took down the window wall of plaster. (with the help of hubby of course)


With so much plaster dust, our entire house ended up being covered in dust. We got a Bagster Bag for the trash (we ended up getting two, and we still have bags left over, which we’re putting out slowly with our regular trash) which we had to place on our front yard, so when hauling things out it was easiest to go through the front door (plaster = heavy as shit) and thus the rest of the home was dust exposed. I like that we kind of tried with the plastic though.

Oh, and inside the window wall we found a little trinket. I can only best describe it as an old Magic 8 Ball. Some think we could get some money for it, personally I doubt it – but hey you never know. Until some collector says its worth big bucks, I plan on framing it for kitchen art.


In efforts in making this a super long update of a post hub and I also tackled the ceiling. He helped me take down the plaster (I need those muscles) and I took down the lath a day later. (sorry for the blurry picture)


I should also mention for all my facebook/instagram followers who saw me post along the way during this demo process, that I did in fact encounter a plastic bag when I took down the ceiling lath.

Throughout the demo process, we’ve constantly talked about how awesome it’d be if we found a bag of something hidden in the walls. Heck, we do have a 100+ year old home – it’s possible. While taking down the ceiling lath Ryan kept joking that there was probably a body or something up there. So when I started taking it all down and found a plastic bag. I freaked. Not gunna lie. Took me a half an hour of prancing back and forth and texts from Ryan (who was at school and was dying to know what was in the bag) to get the guts to take it down. Ry was banking on a severed head or a big bag of cash. I told myself that a severed head would be a skull by now, and really that wasn’t that disgusting, at least not as gross as the later. Pat on the back to me for getting the guts. It may have taken me a while to find them, but they came. I took the bag down, and it was just that – a plastic bag. Womp Womp.



After all the plaster was done (well most of it) our next projects were

  • tackling the knob and tube as seen above (and when I talk about ‘we’ tackling knob and tube, I really mean electrician hubby)
  • taking up the floor
  • removing the stairwell ceiling

Not too bad right? Small list. Ha! Life lesson – Don’t underestimate a short to-do list.

Anyway, hope you all have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday weekend! I’m looking forward to at least one day of sleeping in (I suck at sleeping in). Otherwise my weekend is to be filled with a birthday dinner, a wedding, a going away party, a family cookout, some basement purging (to make room for storing kitchen cabinets) and possibly some lake time at my grandfathers. Phew. I’m exhausted just typing it all. Can that all possibly take place in a 3 day weekend?



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