Four The Floor

After all the prep work and we tore down the walls and ceiling next on the list was the stairwell ceiling, electrical work and the floor. One weekend while Ryan and a coworker (thanks Walt!) tackled removing the knob and tube I took down the stairwell ceiling..

Remember we’re flipping the basement staircase so we had to open up the unused staircase for headroom – hence removing the ceiling. The knob and tube was a nightmare. Not that I’m knowledgeable enough to explain any of it – but basically the kitchen writing that we needed to remove was tapped off of for other parts of the house. As far as I understood it – it was just a big puzzle. But they figured it all out and we are officially knob and tube free in the kitchen.

Now onto the floor. For lack of a better explanation – it was a bitch. We found that we had 4 layers of linoleum plus a few layers of plywood in between as well. A bazillion screws and nails later we finally got it all up. First a before:

There they are. All 4 layers of linoleum. 1 being the top most layer. Luckily the red one was in tiles so it was a little easier to get up (I saved a piece of the red – call me crazy, but I actually kind of liked it – plus I like keeping history of my home) just another thing to get framed and used as artwork.

Yes, part of our floor was patched with a flattened coffee can. Honestly, I’m not even surprised.

These last photos are of our base pine wood floor. No, it’s not that dirty – it has a paper overlay still. We plan to have oak floors installed to match the rest of the house.  As for the concrete threshold…considering just putting a fresh layer of concrete on it to level it out. If we put wood on it, it won’t be level with the rest of the wood floor in the kitchen. Thoughts? (That threshold actually used to be the exterior wall – the knook and powder room were an addition years ago, which you can see better in an exterior shot show here on my house tour.) But in all honesty, would a random concrete step be weird? I plan on refinishing the knook floor with slate tiles someday…


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