High And Wide

Who loves writing posts twice? NOT this girl! Ugh, sorry for all you who got this blog post only to find it blank. WordPress needs to get its shit together. Save should save and post should post not erase. Anyway… (sorry for complaining)

When I think of ‘high and wide’ I automatically think of Sherry from Young House Love describing how to hang window treatments. (yes, I’m an avid yhl reader; 10 am can’t get here quick enough during the weekdays) But this type of high and wide is totally different because it involves taking down our kitchen/dining room wall. Yay!

Now when I came home for lunch on this particular day the contractor happened to be at lunch at the same time. So  I walked back and forth at least a dozen times trying to figure out what exactly he had been working on. After my last pass when I was starting to become frustrated as my conclusion was that he hadn’t done a damn thing all morning I finally realized that the wall was down! Haha. I couldn’t help but hysterically laugh at myself (you thought I was kidding in my About Me write up that you’d be laughing at me with me) How could I have missed that!?  I blame it on the plastic – it totally threw me off.


I guess I wasn’t expecting him to work on removing the wall as I thought he’d have to wait till we removed the knob and tube from that wall first. (you can see the knob and tube wires hanging in the middle picture there). So coming home to find that he had opened up the wall was a total and sweet surprise. I can’t wait to see it without the plastic so we can really see how opened up our kitchen will feel to the rest of the house. Now that the big construction parts of the project were done including Swapping the Stairs and removing this wall we could finally move on to framing! Eureka! Good things are a comin’!


One more time for ya…






Breathing easier? I know I am…



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