Swapping Stairs

Mine and Ryan’s demo work was finally done. The floor was our last major obstacle. Next up was our contractor. And wow did these next few changes happen insanely fast.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I work three blocks from my home. So when I went home from lunch this is what I found:

Mind you it used to look like this:

Hidden staircase partially removed. And we could now see from the basement entrance into the “closet”. Now from the closet perspective:

Side note: when we were working on running new electrical there was a time when Ryan lifted me into that small staircase (funny enough it was my idea and I volunteered). Keep in mind he had to stand on a staircase to lift me up onto the staircase. Confused? I would be too. Anyway, we were trying to pull wires through the ceiling and so I was drilling holes up there, but we were never able to get far enough to pull the wires. In the end my time up there didn’t help at all and was just a silly experience.

Back to staircase swap. So when I came home from work. BOOM! The staircase was already flipped! I was floored. Somehow I thought this whole process was going to take much longer.

I hope this helps explain the stairway swap. Here’s a before image below:

And now the stairs go directly back to the laundry as seen below: (yes we need to remove that old fridge!)

Today is a big day for us. Our cabients are officially ordered (we should have them in about a week) and our floor is being installed on Monday! Woo Hoo! I know I’m behind on the blogging part – but I’m almost caught up. 🙂


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