My First Time With Craigslist

You may have noticed that our old kitchen appliances are clearly no longer in the kitchen, the first weekend of demo, the guys removed them and put them on the front porch, where sadly they sat for over a week till I figured out a removal solution. I apologize I never got a photo of them on the front porch, but I had no desire to document my finest white trash moment.

The Fridge.
I found that PECO would actually pay me to come pick up my old fridge. Double win? Yes. So I went on the peco website, filled out the information, realized it had to be working and plugged in when they picked it up and continued to schedule the pick up. I ran an extension cord out through the window to plug-in the fridge to prove that it still worked (which it did, just not very well). I also had to put the doors back on (which I did half way – aka didn’t screw everything tight) to keep the cold in. I also scrubbed it and hosed it down, cause I’m crazy and weird. Having it on the porch was actually very convenient since I didn’t technically have to be there for the pick up. They just unplugged and hauled it away. I wish I could share more of the process with ya, but I didn’t get to witness the pick up first hand. We do have that fridge in the basement that we don’t use (and I have no idea if it even works!) and I plan on doing the same process to remove this one as well.

The Range and The Dishwasher.
This is where Craigslist came in. Wow. So I snapped some photos of my appliances. Loaded them up to Craigslist as Free, and that they needed to pick up, and WOW the amount of responses. Now these weren’t any glamour shots, but maybe the brick wall helped.


I guess a brick wall helps sell anything really cause I must admit, they do look prettier somehow. I wrote in the write up that both worked well, which they did and I fully disclosed that the range drawer wasn’t flush. Still got about 50 emails in a few short hours. Heck, my first email came in “are they still available!?” Mind you this was about 2 minutes after I posted the listing. Haha. Some of the responses I got were just comical. So somehow I picked someone through the insane amount of responses (I finally took it off craiglist after I realized they weren’t slowing), set up a time with the girl and whamp bam, she picked em up with her parents and they were no longer my problem. Front porch clean and 100% less white trashy. Phew. I may need to make a special email address next time though when I decide to craigslist something. I felt horrible for my phone receiving such an intense amount of crap email. Or maybe I actually could have gotten some kind of money for them. Who knows.

Anyone else have a crazy first experience with craigslist? Happy weekend everyone! I’ve got my bro’s graduation party tomorrow (yay celebrating!  …and we’re doing it fiesta style – I’ll try to grab some decor pics) and a bridal shower on Sunday. And maybe, just maybe we’ll hit up the stores and pick out a pendant light! Busy Busy!




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