Sparks and Studs

Off the heels of the big changes projects (stairs and opening the wall if you happened to miss them) the room was not ready to be framed out. With that came running new electrical (and removing that last bit of knob and tube that was in the removed wall). But less talking, more pictures…







Our contractor also ran the ductwork for our exhaust hood, which we had to run across the room and run a small soffit out through the stone wall.  The plumbing in the corner kept us from being able to run it straight out near the range, plus we didn’t want to sacrifice any exposed brick for a soffit on that wall. Apparently we have two layers of stone on the exterior – he had to drill through quite a bit to get to the outside!


We decided to go with 4 high hats as my electrician husband calls them – or recessed lights as I would call them along with one pendant light over the window/sink. As you can see in the photo above, the guys thought of putting the outlets in the boxed out wall around the plumbing and on the new wall where the basement door used to be. (check out the floor plan HERE if your lost), however when we had our final inspection they told us we had to have the outlets on the brick wall. No problem, back to my initial idea….just had to find a picture of it to sell the guys on.  (psst – new outlets are in and they look awesome, once I found a picture I didn’t even have to say a word – hubby was sold!)


2 comments on “Sparks and Studs

  1. I just love your brick walls! Can’t wait to see pics of the finished renovation.

  2. […] electrical – I mentioned that we first put it on the sides of the brick wall in this post HERE. I also mentioned that the inspector (though he passed our rough in) told us we had to change it […]

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