We’ve Got A Kitchen Floor!

Lots of exclamation points in the post titles lately, and it’s all because big things are happening with the kitchen!!

So yesterday our floors went in. I kid you not from the time I left for work (he hadn’t arrived yet) to 1 o’clock it was already installed and filled. Blows my mind how people can work so fast. Perfectly installed hardwood floors in less that 5 hours!? For any of you locals looking for a flooring installer/refinisher Allen of Path Hardwood Floors is the guy to hire. Two years ago when we purchased our home, we sanded down our floors ourselves and hired Allen to finish the stain and finishing. He did such a spectacular job, my mother (who flips homes) has used him several times, and my brother used him for his studio floors as well. He’s basically made his way through our family. And he’s local in Ambler (in case you were wondering)

Teak makes the “before” pictures look so much better. #loveherface

And now to the install!…

Allen was able to get the same 3/4″ oak hardwood floor so that we wouldn’t have to have a seam between the kitchen and the dining room which made me the happiest interior designer homeowner ever. You’ll notice the stripes in the photos above – that’s actually wood filler. Seeing as Allen matched the floor he actually had to nail in each piece from the top rather than the more traditional groove and nail from the side versions that are sold today.

And by the time I got home from work he had it stained! Talk about finally seeing it all come together! Granted he’s coming back for more layers of stain and to put a few layers of poly on it, but you get the idea…

And the transition again:

Again, they’re not done yet, but won’t they look so rich when they are!? I’m beyond excited! Plus taking the dogs out the front door to go around to the back in order to avoid walking through the kitchen (as we have to leave the floor untouched) is getting old….especially since Teak takes the walk down the side of the house as a chance to pummel Cedar (and myself). The countdown is on though! We’ve officially decided to have a kitchen reveal party on the 4th of July! Fingers crossed I get all my final touch decor/cleaning/painting done by then!

For anyone interested: for this (roughly 10×10) space we’re paying $900 to have the new wood installed, stained and finished. Around $9 a square foot for matching flooring aint bad in my book. Especially considering that the 3/4″ wood is more expensive, has to be nailed in, filled, sanded, stained numerous times to match and finally a few coats of poly to finish it off.  I estimated about $1,000 when we were budgeting this project so we’re right on target.


pssst….once the project is all said and done I’ll do a great big break down of how much this kitchen cost us.



One comment on “We’ve Got A Kitchen Floor!

  1. Allen Kelvy says:

    Lauren That is absolutely incredible! Sorry I didnt look at this much..MUCH earlier ! You covered it perfectly! Whenever I’m matching colors I see in a different dimension or something, so NOTHING seems to match, but now it looks perfect! I never really thought of all the steps involved in what I was doing….I don’t think of it, I just do it.

    The wood is actually 5/16″ thick, and yes it is more expensive to put in due to the way it is nailed, and extra steps filling. Also the price of wood varies on a grand scale..sometimes a dollar or more a square foot. I check before bidding. Lumber Liqu!d@tors doesn’t carry that stuff!!
    I hope the party was a smash!!


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