Art’s In The Kitchen, Cabinets In The Basement

Yesterday was a BIG day. Not only did the cabinets arrive….

But that meant we needed to paint the kitchen before we could install next week. (our appliances arrive Tuesday) SO MANY GOOD THINGS HAPPENING! Gosh demo took forever, and this part is just flying by! I seriously go in the kitchen and stare everyday, just soaking in each step.

Picking paint was easy. I already knew I wanted to continue the color from the dining room into the kitchen as it looks oh-so-perfect with white and black furniture, so I picked up a can of Glidden’s Sand White from Home Depot along with some chalkboard paint (as per the plan mentioned in this post).
I’ll take this time to also note my admiration for HD. I actually had a brain fart last night and thought Glidden was sold at Lowes so I went there first (all my other house colors are HD’s Behr except for this one color). I walked in and immediately felt uncomfortable. Who knows why. Maybe it’s the blue. But I hate it in there. So rather than pick a color similar since I was already there, I chose to drive farther to go to Home Depot. I actually learned in college during one of my environmental studies of interiors (not that that was its technical name… it was more of a behavioral studies type class) that Lowes is actually marketed and geared to appeal to women – blue is a more soothing color and upon entering the stores you’ll walk right into the home/garden section – aka women’s dream. I don’t know why, maybe it’s cause I’ve always grown up going to Home Depot, but they totally missed the mark on me. Then again, I’m not like most women. I actually drool over the tool section. HD’s orange get’s me pumped to work on my projects and I will forever be a HD girl.

But back to painting. I picked up 2 small cans of chalkboard paint in order to cover both the wrap around wall and the dining room wall. When I got home from work our contractor had already primed the room and painted the ceiling…

Ah, good lighting. It’s so bright in my new kitchen and I can’t wait till these bad boys make my stainless steel appliances shine!!

My little helper! She’s the best at keeping me company.

A few hours later after my trip to Home Depot and this is where the kitchen stands now…

I decided to start throwing some chalkboard paint up on the dining room wall, even though I haven’t patched the holes where the molding used to be, and I’m so glad I did. Something about our thick base molding is so stark against the black that I’ve decided to just go for it and paint the whole wall (trim and all) black. Fingers crossed it looks as awesome in person as it does in my mind. 🙂

And what kitchen photo progress shoot doesn’t turn into a Teaker-is-my-baby-and-I-love-her-so photo shoot?

The smudge on her eye? She went in to give me a kiss and ‘nosed’ my lens haha. And today I couldn’t help but play with the kitchen. This not only included (my favorite) instagram but chalk too!

I felt a lot of pressure for the first chalk drawing I might add. I have no idea why, but it needed to be substantial, meaningful and kind of pretty. So that’s what I came up with in the 5 minutes left of my lunch break. Off to another busy busy weekend > we’ve got my 6 year old sister’s hip hop recital (you have no idea how much I can’t wait to see this haha), a graduation party, countertop shopping, engagement session styling with my company Belovely and possibly finishing that chalkboard wall, and while I’m dreaming I’ll throw on ‘yard work’ to that list too haha! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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