The New AA: Appliances & Accessories

This feels like a Kitchen Reveal!!! ….but it’s not. Not there yet, but yesterday I came home to this:


And in place! If you remember our old and disgusting kitchen of yore we used to have an electric stove, and due to the fact that we have gas in the house we made the switch. The range is all hooked up (with a power cord for now) and looks just beautiful. Dishwasher is in its place just waiting to clean up all my insanely dusty dishes in the dining room. Eek! It’s a beautiful thing.

Our appliances are all GE to match our already (pre)owned (not new – but new to us) fridge that we got from Ryan’s parents. His parent’s were so kind in also gifting the range and dishwasher to us as a belated wedding gift! So fitting as our one year anniversary is just around the corner. But enough of the gushy thank you, thank you stuff (but in all seriousness, Thanks Mom and Dad!) and on to more pictures…

Floors – perfect. Cabinets -so pretty and clean (and soft close feature!). Appliances – sparkly and drool worthy. Wrap it all up and it’s Christmas in my kitchen.
Not only do I love that our fridge is finally out of our dining room, but our contractor hooked up the water line to it (with a filter system!) Yay!

I mean not only do we have filtered water (I’m a water drinking freak and carry a bottle with me everywhere) but for the first time in 2 years we can make ice that doesn’t involve using an ice tray! Oh happy day!

After all my happy dance/stand around drooling / pretending to prepare a meal in my new kitchen it was time to hit Home Depot. Next on the list is counter tops (which we picked out on Saturday and shared with you in this post) and they are scheduled to come out today to template which meant we needed to pick out our faucet.

And that’s the guy we went home with. I’m not 100% sure it’s the perfect faucet – but it fit the budget and we were leaning towards the black ORB look. Something about the stainless fixture we originally thought we’d go with felt too modern for our brown stone home. We’ll see how it looks when it’s in. Regardless we like the single feature (as in no soap pump or side sprayer) so the countertops would at least be correct in having just one hole drilled. While we were there we also decided to pick up my new best friend:

Pretty aint she? Haha, in this box is our new garbage disposal! Can’t wait to use my new sink!!

We also perused the hardware aisle and though I’ve seen other blogs that have my desired pulls and claim they got them at HD, they were nowhere to be found. Rather than settle and pick something else out we left the store and I went straight to my second favorite source as of late.

Ok, so we only needed 15 pulls, but I couldn’t beat the price. Similar pulls on the HD website were $6 a piece. Making 15 pulls $90. Why not just get a pack of 25 then? Especially since I could use them on other pieces of furniture I plan to refinish (like our dining room buffet). So to checkout I went.

You better believe my OCDness kicked in and I had to do a little elevation of the cabinets with the 8-inch length pull to ensure that that was the perfect length pull. Hey, I have the tools so why not use them to help ease my nerves in deciding such simple matters?

Next up for us is to finish trimming up the kitchen – our contractor also put in new wood in our window yesterday as well…

So that just needs to get some trim, as well as the walls need base trim. Electrical needs to be finished up (which should be happening tonight if I heard Ryan correctly) and I seriously need to get my tush on the painting train. The last big to-do item on the kitchen list is the open shelves. Been doing a lot of google and pinterest searching lately for other inspiration but I keep coming back to my original love: (from this blog here)

Although we do plan to tweak it a little, in that we’re going to add a piece along the front to not only bulk it up and make it feel heavier but to also allow us to add under- shelving lighting. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and let me tell you – it’s pretty. 🙂


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