Happy Anniversary Locks

I know I owe the blogging world a final kitchen post. Yes, it’s done….for the most part. Labor Day weekend we finally bit the bullet and bought a water softener (which we desperately need – all our dishes have a white film on them after being in the dishwasher, which means twice the washing for us). So technically, I don’t consider it done. I mean we’re able to cook, and put things away and that part is lovely. But until all headaches are gone, I’m holding off on posting the final photos. We’re just having a tough time scheduling the plumber to come and install it. Arg.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to celebrate my  anniversary…..AND to document how fast/slow my hair grows. One year ago today I donated 11.5″ of my hair. Sometimes I regret not going pixie short and just going for it – but during the short hair phase of this adventure I realized how much I love having my long hair, and then I thank the gods that I didn’t go crazy short, since that would have taken maybe 2 years to grow back. So let’s look at 1 year ago and how far it’s come along!


….and TODAY: (ok well technically yesterday when I snapped this photo, but close enough)


Looking back on the photos, I’m about half way there. So I grew roughly 5.5 inches in a year. I only got my hair trimmed just once (crazy I know, but I was determined to grow it back). Now that it’s past my shoulders again, I feel so much more comfortable. But I can’t wait for another year to pass (but not too fast!) so I can get all my length back and really get back into the swing of braids again.

In all honesty, I did color it darker over the winter and then blonder again in the spring, but now I’m back to my natural color. Why fight a good thing? It just feels (and looks) right.  Notice that awesome tan I’m rockin’? Yea, didn’t put a bathing suit on all summer – TOTAL FAIL! I was a swimmer for most of my life for Christ’s sake! What is happening to me!? I’m determined to get in über awesome shape so next summer I’ll just live in my suit. Here’s to lofty goals.


Can’t it just grow faster!?


On another note, thinking of doing some third floor Man Cave / Craft Room updates soon, as well as some landscaping this fall. I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated!


2 comments on “Happy Anniversary Locks

  1. Not Alone says:

    No final kitchen pics?!? Well, I’ll be :p I just followed the whole process to end…. here. Bummer. Wanted to see how the shelves looked, lol. Guess life got crazy or something 🙂 Hope you love your new kitchen!

  2. Not Alone says:

    Oh and you’re very pretty! I’m a long hair girl too, waiting for mine to grow out more 🙂

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