A Birthday Fix

I apologize for not posting in a while, but there’s a pretty good reason for it! This past Saturday (the 30th) I turned 25. Woop! Woop! Quarter Century. And it doesn’t feel even a tad bit different.

So, knowing that Ryan might have a hard time figuring out what to get me (I’m not really an Ooo! I want/gotta have/need that kinda girl) so as soon as I saw that one of my most admired stores (that I so happen to pass every day on my way to work) was having a 40% off moving sale, I instantly picked out my present.

Here’s a hint:

What?! You have no idea what that is???? Ha! Just you wait…

But first let me show you where it’s going. And here is the big spoiler alert cause you get a glimpse of real-time and see a small portion of what our living room looks like now.

See, we have this corner of the room where I have placed my keyboard (I played piano growing up) where the wall just needs some help. The thermostat (which needs to be replaced with a programmable and digital version) and a random outlet are floating about (if only I knew a good electrician to move that outlet for me…..)

Strange and bland. I just had to figure out some way to make it work. Now on the other side of the large opening to the dining room we have some homemade art Ry and I put together. Basically we got small strips of wood from Michaels, and some clips, super glued the clips on and used them to hold cd album art.
We’re BIG on music (even incorporated a lot into our wedding, details soon to come) and album art is just so beautiful. So we found a way to display our favorites and embrace the cd era (seeing as so much of our library is digital these days).

Yes, I realize that this is an even BIGGER spoiler seeing as I also just showed you our painted dining room and floating shelves. Oh well.

But in my defense, I had to show the whole span of the wall to show how unbalanced it felt. Enter my birthday present:

OH YEAAAAAA!!! That amazing orange deer head and all of its awesome glory is all mine courtesy of Roots Inc. in Chestnut Hill. I’ve decided not to disclose how much I spent on said deer head, but know that I got an amazing deal at 40% off. The shop has never had a sale before and I’ve seen these heads through the window while I drive by for almost 2 years now. I had to have one. Once I saw the ‘40% Off – Moving Sale’ I nearly crashed.
Unfortunately by the time I was able to go to the store most of the heads were gone and what you see above is all they had left. Granted I wanted a bright and crazy color (why else get an animal head if it’s not going to be a crazy color) but I thought that I could still spray paint one of the smaller heads a color if I wanted their shape instead.

I should disclose that these animal heads are handmade from paper by a company in Haiti. (love that!)

Well I’m an extremely indecisive person, and I had to snap the picture above and send it to Ryan to have him pick. When I went in I totally thought I’d walk out with the goat, but Ryan picked the orange deer. His theory: go big or go home. Touche.

And that leads us back to my wall…

Bwahaha, I just LOVE HIM! (still haven’t given him a name yet). ’25th Birthday Savor’ – is that too long of a name? …I’ll work on it.

So we had our main piece. But I wasn’t done. I had to fill in those spots…

Enter framed art:

And that is how it stands as of today. The art that I added all had to be personal and ‘us’ of course:

A painting I did back in college (inspired by one of my favorite songs: Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse by Minus the Bear)

A Polaroid of Ryan and I’s rings taken on our honeymoon in Jamaica.

And a cross stitch my grandmother made for Ryan and I for our wedding. (I bawled when I opened this at my shower, so insanely special to me)

And last but not least a frame dedicated to my love affair with Ikea. Ok, I joke…still need to figure out what to put in this frame. But the grey Ikea filler doesn’t bother me for the time being (mostly because it’s a reminder that I need to put something in there)

You might hate it. That’s ok with me. My mom actually was sure to tell me she’s not a fan. I wasn’t offended. I guess I just knew while purchasing ‘My-Deer’ (still working on it…) that there were going to be more than a few non-fans. I was just thrilled that Ryan was on board, and loved the outcome. (go team Traub!)

So that was my half-century birthday present to myself. A deer. I spent Friday putting up the deer and getting the house organized for our festivities for the rest of the weekend. Friday night we had friends over for some birthday fun, where I received possibly one of the greatest gifts of the weekend. Upon entering my home, my girlfriend, Natalie, who is the younger sister of Love Home & Style instantly asked to see our bathroom (she had previously only seen the downstairs of our house). Natalie said that she had read my Bathroom Update post and she was dying to see it in person. First of all, this made me feel so happy to know someone was reading my posts and enjoying it (birthday feel good moment). Secondly, I should mention that she also said after standing in the bathroom – and I quote – “I love the floor” (did I not say that everyone loves the floor???)

Saturday (my actual birthday) I met my girlfriend (and writer of Love Home & Style) Colleen at Chipotle for lunch and then we went shopping. Our shopping consisted of not only mall shopping for an upcoming photo shoot, but thrift shopping as well. And as two recent brides, we couldn’t help but check out the wedding dress section. Check out this baby. …I’m pretty sure this might be the most hilarious dress I’ve ever seen.

Check out that detail. The beading? Haha…Not quite. We should have tried it on…

We then had a wonderful backyard cookout at the Traub Mansion complete with both of our families, friends, and neighbors. Ry and our parents didn’t let me help a bit while they cooked up an amazing meal which allowed me to spend time playing a few games of cornhole and chatting with everyone.
Seriously, Saturday night was exactly what I dreamed would take place at our home when Ryan and I first purchased it. Greatest gift ever was spending time with the people I care about.

Ryan also gifted me an external hard drive (a LaCie!) so I can continue to use my Mac without it frying from too much content along with beautiful flowers and my first ever ‘Wife’ Birthday Card! (yippie!)

I also got the most original gift ever from my almost 6-year-old younger sister Allie. She LOVES cheese balls and she was so kind to think to get me some for my birthday.

Ryan and my brother Doug dove right into these at the end of the night! Allie also painted some rocks with my mom for us to use as napkin weights. Love what they decided to paint for us!

Just perfect! I love my birthday gifts Allie!
All in all, between my deer head, cookout and parties and my awesome birthday gifts – I couldn’t have made out better and started off my next year of life with a better bang! Thanks everyone for making me feel so special!