The Lovely Life: an Etsy Shop


I know that I just posted about me finally opening an Etsy shop, and didn’t even add a link. Well that was kind of on purpose. So I could dedicate an entire post just to unveiling it! Whoopee!!

I’ve been quite obsessed with Etsy for quite some time now, and have thought about opening up a shop since basically day 1 of discovering the fantastical site. And the more projects I do, the more I think to myself “maybe other people would like this too”.

But it wasn’t until my wedding that I really decided to take the plunge. SO many people were interlay too kind and constantly paid me compliments during my wedding of all my DIY items that made my day special.  Enter confidence booster from left stage please. So I did it. I made a store. It still needs a lot of editing (as in header – I’m not 100% pleased with my quick design) – plus I kinda hate that I just used my purchasing Etsy login – not knowing that my shop name would come up as that name. But whatevs. It’s a start.

That being said my site is:  and I’ve called my shop The Lovely Life (as the title to this blog post suggests haha). There’s still a lot of crafts and designs I’ve done that I should be adding (yes mom, I know that I should really put the custom abc book I made for Allie on there – it is quite amazing if I do say so myself) but admittedly it’s kind of hard figuring out how much the supplies cost + how much time it takes me to make it + an appropriate profit. But I’m getting the hang of it. Luckily, I’ve been doing watercolor paintings for realtors for years, so I already had my price lists for those. Anyway, keep checking back to my Etsy site to see what other items I’ve added. If I add anything really significant (maybe like that tease of an ‘abc book’ I just mentioned!) I’ll be sure to mention it here on the blog!

When I was still in school, my Grandma always would say I went to the “Savannah College of Arts and Crafts” …maybe she wasn’t too far off! haha!  Here’s a toast to me crafting!