The Changing Of Colors Continued…


Remember that Benjamin Moore Gray Horse color that was painted on my Living Room wall for maybe a day or two? Yea, it was too blue, and I thus went on my Gray paint extravaganza (spoiler alert: yes, that gray has since changed…haha seriously someone get me some ‘I paint my house too much’ help). If you missed my Gray Issues post, see it HERE.

Well since I had purchased a gallon, I found a home for the Gray Horse… behold, the powder room that we get a lot of compliments on, but hadn’t done a single thing to since we moved into the house…


Nothing horrible, but the green wasn’t my favorite. Nor was the lighting and lace. So, enter Gray Horse stage left….



Picked up these two light fixtures at Ikea and gosh they make a world of a difference. Also picked up the frame and art insert seen above.



Even though the lace is gone, I still need to replace the window treatment. Roll down shades just don’t do it for me. Oh, and the door knob. Honestly, I kinda like that it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, however it isn’t working functionally and we actually had people get stuck in our powder room! Quite embarrassing (and yet hilarious) when you’re throwing a 50th birthday party for your parents. Too many phone calls from the bathroom being made in our house. Not good. See all the details of the party HERE.


Powder Room To-Do List:

  • Replace window treatment – maybe nix a treatment and stencil frost the window instead?
  • Replace or spray paint the towel bar
  • Replace the light switch cover plate
  • Replace the door knob (spoiler – this has been done! – update soon!)
  • Paint the ceiling white ??
  • Paint the sink base and mirror (gray? white?)
  • Update the toilet with a white low-flow, ‘green’ one
  • Sand down the door so it closes easier
  • Paint trim & door
  • Tile floor with a nice dark slate tile


As you can see from my list there’s a lot of ‘Replace’ and replace takes money, which in my case means this isn’t happening overnight. Still debating on if I should paint the ceiling white and/or the sink base and mirror. Any thoughts?




My Labor FULL Weekend – Part 2

Alright, let’s finish up this table project!

So when I was dreaming up this table for those 2 long years I kept envisioning it being finished in a gloss white. I guess I really wanted to give a rustic table a modern and sleek look. However, once we finished building Ryan finally asked what color I was going to paint it and he threw out black legs as an option. Oh no. Now I’m doubting myself. So naturally I went to my trusty Pinterest to get some inspiration.

I knew that I wanted to keep wood chairs at the table, and possibly collect other styles to create a mixed matched look, so I tried to look for the vibe and color scheme that I thought would best fit my table project and my home.



As expected, I found myself attracted to a monochromatic, beige and white dining room. (and I apologize for the tiny pictures, but you get the point). Although, I did notice that in some of these images I did like the wood top and since I have more of a parsons leg than a spindle, maybe finishing the bottom really sleek and simple and doing the top differently might be the perfect combination to make this project a little more transitional and a little less french country. So I said my ‘thank yous’ to Pinterest and continued onto painting the base of the table white.



I started by taping off the door part so no primer or paint got on it while I painted the fresh new wood white. I started with some Kilz Latex Water-Based Primer and then had my table looking like this..



I put two coats of primer on the legs and “apron” of the table. I felt no need to paint the underside of the table since it wasn’t going to be seen. (Although, Allie, my little sister, pointed out that Cedar might be under the table and look up and it won’t be pretty for him….Ah, such a cute kid…) After the primer was all dry I moved onto off the shelf (no color added) Semi-Gloss white paint and added another two coats of this paint to the table.



You’ll notice that I painted the underside of the extra top plank white as well. At the time I still thought I was going to paint the whole piece white and in retrospect I maybe should have waited until I definitely figured out what I was going to do, but the underside just needed to be finished, and really, having a gloss white finish underneath makes fingerprints and whatnot a little easier to clean. (I don’t know why I picture my future kids sticking gum underneath the table and being happy I finished it in this way cause gum would be easier to remove on a gloss finish…..gum? at dinner? …I know it doesn’t make sense…I dunno what to tell ya, I’m weird sometimes)

So before I had Ryan help me flip this puppy over to start working on the top, I had to seal and finish off the bottom of the table. Enter Water-Based Polycrylic.



Now, if you’re refinishing a piece of furniture, make sure you use WATER-BASED poly, as regular poly will yellow on white painted furniture. I opted to get the clear semi-gloss finish instead of the high gloss. Why? No idea. It just seemed right. The finish would still be kinda glossy so I knew it’d still be easy to clean and wouldn’t be insanely glossy and take away from the transitional feel.

Two more thin and even coats of poly on the base, and it was finally done!



And now onto figuring out what to do with the top piece. Since I initially thought of painting it white, I thought I had to at least see what that option would look like. And after taking a look at the colors around my home and some of the colors in the door, I thought maybe staining the wood piece grey might blend nicely with the door. So onto my good ole trusty Photoshop…


And after some flipping back and forth between the two photoshopped pictures, and talking it over with Ryan, we decided that the grey option definitely was the better choice. Even though the white would feel nice and modern, it made the door stand out in a  ‘what the heck is this door doing here’ kind of way.  So it was on to Home Depot to get some stain!


I grabbed a pamphlet of Behr stains at Home Depot and opened it up to see a lot of grey stain colors. I stood in the store, wanting to leave with a stain and not spend the time traveling back home to hold up these tiny little swatches next to the door to figure out which grey worked best just to then travel all the way back to HD to purchase it. But the massive amount of grey options was a little overwhelming. Luckily I took a picture of the table on my iPhone and referenced the picture when selecting a stain. I knew I wanted a mid grey tone that wasn’t too cool or wasn’t too warm. THEN I had the internal debate between getting the solid vs the semi transparent color. Gah! I hate making decisions sometimes! Thank god I had my mom expecting me at her house in 10 minutes so I had to make a decision fast. I selected Pewter in semi-transparent and picked up a tiny little sample can (costing less that $3! Score!), got my color mixed and left HD confident in my decision.


Note that the color with the pen park is the one I chose, however the paint mixer expert at HD pointed out to me that the color wasn’t Dark Gray (as I asked for) but that the names were on the bottom and that the color I was pointing to was in fact Pewter. Whatever, so the spacing makes the color label look closer to the one below it than the one above it. Way to be confusing Behr. Regardless, I left with the color I wanted and got two thin and even coats of stain on the last piece of unfinished wood.




After the stain was all dry, all the table top needed was some Poly finish. I put two coats of the same Water-Based Poly on both the stained wood as well as the old door and was finally done with the painting/staining/poly-ing portion of this project!

Ryan then helped me place the table (once it was all dry) in the dining room and here you can see the (almost) final product!



All this table needs now is a nice glass top to finish it off. (I’m currently waiting on a few more quotes to get the best price!)  And now to the project breakdown:

Old Door: $0 (already owned)

Wood purchased for rest of table construction + wood filler and screws: Roughly $70 (somehow this receipt went missing)

Primer: $0 (already owned – but roughly $20)

Behr Semi-Gloss White Paint: $0 (already owned – but roughly $10)

Water-Based Polycrylic: $18

Pewter Behr Semi-Transparent Stain: $3

Glass Top: TBD


So far this dining table has cost me roughly $91 dollars. Definitely beats spending hundreds of dollars for even an Ikea dining table. Plus, every day that we eat at this table we’ll be able to bask in the glow of our success – I still can’t believe it turned out so good! I couldn’t be more pleased, and it turned out exactly as I imagined it would two years ago when I trucked the door home with me. Ha! Take that crazy looks from mom and Ryan!  And I’ll also mention that I even have enough left over wood to make a bench! Woop! Woop! More projects. Although I can’t quite decide if I’d want the bench at the table or if it could be put to better use upstairs in the hallway…. hmm….

Now my dining room is certainly screaming for a new chandelier, this I know. I can’t seem to decide if I should go with a more traditional chandelier, a rustic and farmhouse look chandelier or a more modern pendant chandelier. This may call for more photoshopping. Not to mention my $50 buffet desperately needs to be refinished as well. Oh and I need some curtains…man the list just gets longer and longer (Ryan I hope you stopped reading already!).  But for now I’m very very happy with my new dining table, and I’ll be sure to update with new pictures (and prices) once I get a glass top on it to really finish it off!




My Labor FULL Weekend – Part 1

According to my husband, I woke up this past Saturday and just decided that I was we were going to make a table. But truth be told, I’ve been planning on building a dining room table for the past two years. Yes, I said 2 years. Holy bananas! How on earth have I let this project go that long!? The answer? Nerves.

Two years ago at one of my past jobs, my boss was gutting and redoing a carriage house and had two beautiful old doors out waiting for trash. I of course saw a gleaming pile of projects! So that day I drove home with one of the doors strapped to the top of my Jeep. (Insert as many “Lauren what the heck are you doing” faces as possible from both Ryan and my mother).

My goal? To make that puppy my dream dining room table. And so yes, this weekend I decided it was about time to get cracking on the building and stop stressing about how it was going to turn out. (labor day weekend shmayborday weekend). So after a bunch more of those weird looks from Ryan, I finally convinced him to help me and off to Home Depot we went.

Now, I didn’t just go diving into a new project with out a plan (though Ryan seemed to think otherwise when we left the house and I had forgotten to plug in the drill to charge – man will he do anything to try to get out of helping me and my crazy ideas!). I had taken all the measurements and thanks to Ana-White had a good idea of how to construct the support for the table. As an interior designer, I of course had to try to build this thing in my head and on paper first, so I ended up with a (to scale) drawing of the underside construction of the table. I then made a list of the wood sizes and cuts needed so we new exactly how much to purchase.



Since the door measured only 28″ wide, I decided to add an asymmetrical plant to one side to add some width to our table. I just couldn’t imagine having at least 6 people around the table and trying to fit food on it as well. I know I could have done a narrower plank on each side for some symmetry, but as this table is a little “out of the box”, and I love me some asymmetry anyway, I went for the artistic angle.
Adding a  2″x12″  (which is actually 11 1/4″) gave us 39 1/4″ total with for the table – perfect for family entertaining.

Anyway…on to our Home Depot Trip…
Ryan of course had to pick the shiny new cart (out of a sea of old and rusty ones) I don’t know why, but I got a good laugh out of his selection.



So this is our loot. We were smart enough to have our 2×12 cut at HD to 80″ long since we didn’t have a table saw and the miter saw that we did have access to wouldn’t be able to cut that width accurately.

Along with our wood pile we also picked up some screws and wood filler. And if you’re looking at our list above, note that we did not use 2x4s for the legs, and instead opted to use 2×6 planks instead to look a little more proportionate to the table top.

And on to my parent’s house to use their miter saw…(and no we didn’t cut the wood like that, we made sure it was nice and straight before we made our cuts.


And this is what we were left with after all the cuts were made:


Let me show you the breakdown of all these pieces…



So we packed all the cuts (and extra wood) into the Jeep and brought it back to the Traub Mansion to assemble. But not before my little sister Allie (and Mom) talked Ryan into some chalk fun (Allie’s request was a teddy bear… I’m quite impress with my hub’s artistic skills).



First we screwed together the Leg Aprons – this essentially is the frame for the table,however we used nice 1×4 wood since it would be visible once the table was built. We were sure to use a right angle to make sure the table was square. We then attached the corner braces (cut at 45 degree angles) for extra support (and squareness).



After adding the corners, we added the “Support Frame” (as noted in our wood pile above). These are 5  2x4s (not 2x2s as noted in the supply list – the list I was going off of was from Ana-White, but our table was a bit beefier, thus we decided to go with thicker wood pieces) and we decided to lay them face down since we needed to screw through them an into the table top in order to attach the top to the under framing…



That’s the frame all constructed and ready for it’s top! We went back to our garage and got the door…in all of it’s dirty looking state. (I had previously sanded it down when I first brought the table home with an electric sander). We laid the door and extra plank top side down and proceeded to lay the frame on top and attach the two together with 2.5″ screws. (Note: we predrilled all our screw holes which made it easer to countersink the screws, allowing us to fill them with wood filler and hide the construction away)



Thanks hun for snapping a picture of me at work! (His patience and support for all my crazy blogging and stopping to snap pictures is so wonderful and I can’t thank him enough! Especially during a project he wasn’t quite excited for to begin with). While I’m confessing…I wouldn’t recommend wearing flip flops while making a dining table, but heck! I guess I like to live dangerously 😉

We measured on all sides to make sure the frame was centered on table top and screwed the frame into the door first. Ryan then pushed (with all his muscles) the extra plank as close to the door as possible while I screwed the frame to the plank.

Luckily, I noticed early on that the completely assembled door was not going to fit through our front door. So after we finished attaching the frame to the table top we carried it inside to screw in the legs.




After attaching all the legs I had Ryan help me flip it over, and finally his assistance was no longer needed. He was sure to tell me how awesome he thought it looked, and he was happy that we were able to build something so cool. He won’t take any credit for the table, which is so sweet – but honestly I couldn’t have done it without him.

My next step? Wood filler.



Here you can see a countersunk screw and all I had to do was squeeze some filler in the hole, smooth it out and wait for it to dry. Once the filler was dry I just took a sand blog and sanded all the previous screw spots smooth.



And there you have a view of our new dining room table. I’m going to take a breather and wait to show you how I decided to finish off this baby in my next post, but for now just picture me beaming with pride that 2 years of planning wasn’t put to waste. To get to this point, it took us about 7 hours of work – from shopping to sanding (and also included some family chalk time, a Chipotle dinner stop and some excited dance breaks from me).

Even better, Ryan had snapped the last photo from his iPhone and had briefly posted it on Facebook with the caption “my baby can build a table”, which totally made me blush and gleam with pride. Until I realized people were going to see it on his fb post before they saw the project on my blog. (hence the ‘briefly on fb’ part). Be sure to check back to see the final product!

Anyone else do any building this Labor Day weekend? Or am I the only one more excited about constructing than relaxing on such a weekend?

An Upgrade FOR The TV

As soon as we bought our house, I’m sure you know exactly what was on Ryan’s purchasing mind: yup, a big ole TV. So TV we got. And a much bigger one that I think our room calls for, but a big TV’d fiance husband, is a happy one.

Now, once we got the TV we didn’t quite have a stand for it. I’m slightly ashamed to say that it sat on milk crates for a few months little bit before we got around to getting our “official” temporary solution. Enter Walmart. Just one walk-through of the furniture department we spotted a nice black tv stand for $50 and we couldn’t pass up the cheap-o buy. Anything beat the milk crates.

Not a bad stand, and we liked the more transitional and sleek look. But here in lies the problems:   1) it was Walmart  AND  2) it couldn’t handle the weight of our TV

Just check out that bow! (not to mention the mess of movies and video games) But the weight of the TV warped the top of the TV cabinet which then caused the doors to not work properly since everything was stretched and moved and the pins just didn’t sit right to operate as intended.

The back even started to bow, and don’t even get me started on our wire mess! But that’s what we’ve been living with. Not horrible, but not great. Just a stand.

Anyway, long story short….we got married (haha) and luckily I had smartly registered for a TV stand from Target. My parents have a TV stand from Target, and they’ve had it for years and it’s still in good shape (and no warping!) so I knew that registering for one would definitely be an upgrade from our current situation. Didn’t really expect to receive any furniture – but surprisingly and thankfully we did!

I know right? Who cares about the awesome looking TV stand!? Who is that adorably handsome puppy!??

And because he snuck into the ‘after’ photos, I’ll take this time to introduce him. Well, his name is Cedar, and he’s 9 years old. He was initially my brother’s dog (back when my brother was 12 (now 21)), then was my parents / the family dog and now he lives with Ryan and I. My mother unfortunately has lyme disease (if anyone hasn’t watched it – please watch Under Our Skin and learn more about this insane, horrible, and sneaky disease – Love you Mom – the movie is a ‘watch instantly’ film on Netflix and I highly encourage watching it). Anyway, my parents have a wooded area behind them and after finding numerous ticks on Cedar earlier this spring my Mom just couldn’t have him bringing them into the house anymore. So, lucky for us he’s here living at the Traub Mansion! (no woods in our backyard).

At first he wasn’t too keen on the transition, but we go on daily morning walks which he loves, and I knew as soon as he started stealing (he likes to take items such as pjs, shoes, dish towels, socks…anything really – and carry them around the house) again I knew that he was feeling at home.

Since my hair cut debacle post (if you haven’t read it see the post here) I haven’t been able to decide on a style as of yet (you all had split votes, and Ryan doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion either! Argh! Decisions!) but I felt like soooomeone needed to get a hair cut and so Cedar got his last buzz touch up before the summer ends.

Fresh cut! Handsome pup!

Just look at that face! He loves all the attention and we love how soft he feels. Plus, the cut helps minimize the shedding  …Score! Even though he’s 9, he certainly acts like a puppy still and has so much energy, but with the biggest and kindest heart (man I love goldens!) and now with his new hair cut he looks as youthful as he acts!

Love me some Cedar Cedarski.



A Look Into ‘The Man’s Room’

As promised, I’m giving you a glimpse of ‘The Man’s Room’ (as Ryan so fondly calls it) in all of its unorganized and slightly messy glory. Granted I didn’t really give Ryan fair warning that I was photographing it (although he did read yesterdays blog, so I don’t feel super terrible) so don’t judge too harshly.
This is more or less a look (and documentation) into how men decorate (although I did have to step in and give some advice)

Ok that’s not the man room, but that’s what the little landing room looks like once you come up the third floor steps. Mostly just some fabrics and college art supplies (really gotta organize that stuff!) as well as props and decor items from our wedding.


If you haven’t guessed already, I had a hand in the poster placement. The guys were unpacking the posters and naturally gravitated towards placing them all over the room. I suggested grouping them together into a poster art wall. Both Ryan and Josh seemed to agree that was a good idea. Granted some are still hanging from their placement blue painters tape, but at least they’re condensed into one area.
I will also take responsibility for the piles of art work and supplies in the corner. My bad. We’re definitely in need of some shelves and storage bins for up here. I do, however, enjoy that even though the room is messy – having brought all Josh’s belongings up here to store while he’s off training, has allowed me to get a really good visual as to how much this space can accommodate. (We’re thinking future guest/master suite).
Add some organizing, fresh paint, new furniture, new light fixture and she’s he’s gunna be one sweet little Man’s Room.

A Birthday Fix

I apologize for not posting in a while, but there’s a pretty good reason for it! This past Saturday (the 30th) I turned 25. Woop! Woop! Quarter Century. And it doesn’t feel even a tad bit different.

So, knowing that Ryan might have a hard time figuring out what to get me (I’m not really an Ooo! I want/gotta have/need that kinda girl) so as soon as I saw that one of my most admired stores (that I so happen to pass every day on my way to work) was having a 40% off moving sale, I instantly picked out my present.

Here’s a hint:

What?! You have no idea what that is???? Ha! Just you wait…

But first let me show you where it’s going. And here is the big spoiler alert cause you get a glimpse of real-time and see a small portion of what our living room looks like now.

See, we have this corner of the room where I have placed my keyboard (I played piano growing up) where the wall just needs some help. The thermostat (which needs to be replaced with a programmable and digital version) and a random outlet are floating about (if only I knew a good electrician to move that outlet for me…..)

Strange and bland. I just had to figure out some way to make it work. Now on the other side of the large opening to the dining room we have some homemade art Ry and I put together. Basically we got small strips of wood from Michaels, and some clips, super glued the clips on and used them to hold cd album art.
We’re BIG on music (even incorporated a lot into our wedding, details soon to come) and album art is just so beautiful. So we found a way to display our favorites and embrace the cd era (seeing as so much of our library is digital these days).

Yes, I realize that this is an even BIGGER spoiler seeing as I also just showed you our painted dining room and floating shelves. Oh well.

But in my defense, I had to show the whole span of the wall to show how unbalanced it felt. Enter my birthday present:

OH YEAAAAAA!!! That amazing orange deer head and all of its awesome glory is all mine courtesy of Roots Inc. in Chestnut Hill. I’ve decided not to disclose how much I spent on said deer head, but know that I got an amazing deal at 40% off. The shop has never had a sale before and I’ve seen these heads through the window while I drive by for almost 2 years now. I had to have one. Once I saw the ‘40% Off – Moving Sale’ I nearly crashed.
Unfortunately by the time I was able to go to the store most of the heads were gone and what you see above is all they had left. Granted I wanted a bright and crazy color (why else get an animal head if it’s not going to be a crazy color) but I thought that I could still spray paint one of the smaller heads a color if I wanted their shape instead.

I should disclose that these animal heads are handmade from paper by a company in Haiti. (love that!)

Well I’m an extremely indecisive person, and I had to snap the picture above and send it to Ryan to have him pick. When I went in I totally thought I’d walk out with the goat, but Ryan picked the orange deer. His theory: go big or go home. Touche.

And that leads us back to my wall…

Bwahaha, I just LOVE HIM! (still haven’t given him a name yet). ’25th Birthday Savor’ – is that too long of a name? …I’ll work on it.

So we had our main piece. But I wasn’t done. I had to fill in those spots…

Enter framed art:

And that is how it stands as of today. The art that I added all had to be personal and ‘us’ of course:

A painting I did back in college (inspired by one of my favorite songs: Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse by Minus the Bear)

A Polaroid of Ryan and I’s rings taken on our honeymoon in Jamaica.

And a cross stitch my grandmother made for Ryan and I for our wedding. (I bawled when I opened this at my shower, so insanely special to me)

And last but not least a frame dedicated to my love affair with Ikea. Ok, I joke…still need to figure out what to put in this frame. But the grey Ikea filler doesn’t bother me for the time being (mostly because it’s a reminder that I need to put something in there)

You might hate it. That’s ok with me. My mom actually was sure to tell me she’s not a fan. I wasn’t offended. I guess I just knew while purchasing ‘My-Deer’ (still working on it…) that there were going to be more than a few non-fans. I was just thrilled that Ryan was on board, and loved the outcome. (go team Traub!)

So that was my half-century birthday present to myself. A deer. I spent Friday putting up the deer and getting the house organized for our festivities for the rest of the weekend. Friday night we had friends over for some birthday fun, where I received possibly one of the greatest gifts of the weekend. Upon entering my home, my girlfriend, Natalie, who is the younger sister of Love Home & Style instantly asked to see our bathroom (she had previously only seen the downstairs of our house). Natalie said that she had read my Bathroom Update post and she was dying to see it in person. First of all, this made me feel so happy to know someone was reading my posts and enjoying it (birthday feel good moment). Secondly, I should mention that she also said after standing in the bathroom – and I quote – “I love the floor” (did I not say that everyone loves the floor???)

Saturday (my actual birthday) I met my girlfriend (and writer of Love Home & Style) Colleen at Chipotle for lunch and then we went shopping. Our shopping consisted of not only mall shopping for an upcoming photo shoot, but thrift shopping as well. And as two recent brides, we couldn’t help but check out the wedding dress section. Check out this baby. …I’m pretty sure this might be the most hilarious dress I’ve ever seen.

Check out that detail. The beading? Haha…Not quite. We should have tried it on…

We then had a wonderful backyard cookout at the Traub Mansion complete with both of our families, friends, and neighbors. Ry and our parents didn’t let me help a bit while they cooked up an amazing meal which allowed me to spend time playing a few games of cornhole and chatting with everyone.
Seriously, Saturday night was exactly what I dreamed would take place at our home when Ryan and I first purchased it. Greatest gift ever was spending time with the people I care about.

Ryan also gifted me an external hard drive (a LaCie!) so I can continue to use my Mac without it frying from too much content along with beautiful flowers and my first ever ‘Wife’ Birthday Card! (yippie!)

I also got the most original gift ever from my almost 6-year-old younger sister Allie. She LOVES cheese balls and she was so kind to think to get me some for my birthday.

Ryan and my brother Doug dove right into these at the end of the night! Allie also painted some rocks with my mom for us to use as napkin weights. Love what they decided to paint for us!

Just perfect! I love my birthday gifts Allie!
All in all, between my deer head, cookout and parties and my awesome birthday gifts – I couldn’t have made out better and started off my next year of life with a better bang! Thanks everyone for making me feel so special!

Bad Bathroom Goes Good

Here it is. What you’ve all been waiting for…and the biggest change in our house to date.

Remember this?

…I know what you’re thinking – I wish I didn’t! But alas this bathroom came with the mortgage and I was in no way taking a shower and getting ready for work in its (then) current state.  So as I mentioned before, our tax refund went directly to this project.
Almost as soon as we signed the 2,500  50 odd pages officially giving us the house, Ryan started taking the hammer to this guy. Soon enough the bathroom started looking a little more like this:

Toilet was the first to go! And I’ll throw in for laughs that it sat on our front porch for a good couple of weeks before we figured out what to do with it. (habitat for humanity wouldn’t accept toilets, so donating was out… and seeing as it wasn’t in the best condition – who would want it?). My mother continually joked every time coming over that we should put a plant in it. (which we did end up hiding keys for our contractor in the tank part later on funny enough – oh hide-a-key how we toilet thee). But in the end it became trash. (apologies to all those who were excited at the hint of suggestion that I might turn it in to a planter)

Anyway, we quickly discovered that the walls were more of a plasticy material that was just placed over layer, upon layer, upon layer of wall. Poor Ry ended up demoing really like 4 times the amount he thought he would.

You can kind of get the idea that basically wherever the brown color is was glue holding up the plastic type wall on top. Plus the wall that you just saw wasn’t standard drywall, but more of a hardboard. And that yellow tub? Ok, maybe having a yellow tub wouldn’t be the worst thing (if it were new!) cause I’m sure I could have designed around it, but since we were demoing we took it out, and took it ALL down…

I should mention that the “we” I just mentioned was really just Ryan. He did the demo work.
He took down all the walls and dealt with the insane amount of dust (yes he wore a mask) seeing as the final wall (beneath all the other crap) was plaster. He also put up that sweet temporary light. Strange that I would call a temporary light sweet, but I still hadn’t really seen my honey in action putting up lights (he’s an electrician) until this this bathroom project and the temp light seemed so professional in its temporary way. And just wait till you see what else he did…

…wait for it…


Voila! A new bathroom!

…And check out that super awesome light in the shower! – Thanks Ry!

Ok, not the fanciest of pictures (I’ve got to work on taking/staging photos specifically for the blog) but this is real – and at the time I was using Garnier Frutis (I just use whatever is on sale) haha, and we had a paint stick in our trash can. Whatever.

So the labor breakdown:

Ryan did all the demo and electrical… then we had a contractor (Jeff) come in and frame and put the walls and new toilet/tub/sink/window as well as tile work in. I did some spackling and did all the sanding, and then I did the priming and painting. Result of all that hard work and many ‘sweating in a tiny room working hard during the summer in a house with no a.c.’ hours = new bathroom.

Oh, I guess I should also give myself design credit, cause it does look pretty dang good if I do say so myself. I’m a huge fan of subway tile so I knew right off the bat that I wanted to use them in the shower. Then Ryan and his dad found that perfect light fixture (maybe my favorite thing in the bathroom) and it looked like it was meant to go with the tile.
I decided we needed a pedestal sink due to the strange layout and lack of space, and we were not going to spill even more money into this project to relocate things. So yes, the mirror not being centered is a little awkward and weird – but hey, it works for us. I guess I could put one on a swinging arm and have it hang overlapping the window a bit just to have it centered with the sink, but we also wanted a medicine cabinet for a little extra sink storage. Not to mention having a mirror cover part of the window would possibly irritate me even more than our solution.

We did get a Water Sense toilet and are loving it. Have not had one problem with it in the year we’ve had it. It flushes so fast and there’s no hearing the water filling the bowl back up for the next 3 minutes. It’s almost instant. So quiet. I recommend em. We’re thinking about replacing the downstairs toilet with the same in the near future. My only note about the toilet is that it did come with a plastic seat, but that didn’t last long –  about $15 and a trip to Home Depot later and I had that problem fixed.
Since we already decided on the subway tile, I knew that I wanted a rectangular floor tile to mimic it. Who said I had to use floor tile? Nobody. So we used a wall tile on the floor. Smart.
The floor tile may be the thing we get the most compliments on. Not only does it mirror and work well with the subway tile, but it’s just beautiful and neutral. It was also the item that we kind of splurged on (remember the floor DIY sanding?).
I then pulled a beige color from the tile and painted the walls. I’ll note that I purchased a different color than I meant to – I initially wanted it to be a little more lighter grey-beige, but after I put this color up I didn’t hate it…  well, it grew on me. So it stays.

The ceiling lighting fixtures are just two recessed lights that Ryan put on dimmers, which may have been the smartest bathroom move (hitting up the bathroom in the middle of the night calls for a dim light so that we don’t completely hate the world (and daylight) even for a few minutes).

Lastly, we added a storage cabinet (from Bed Bath & Beyond) to hold the items you’d put under the sink. Even though we have that huge linen closet (that still needs to be painted) just outside the door, the bathroom needed another element and it’s nice having a surface to put things like Q-tips and a tissue box on (and toilet paper and cotton balls in).

All-in-all we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Jeff even made sure to try to match the base trim of the bathroom to the thicker moldings that are throughout the rest of our home. (perfect!) So even though it’s a little more modern and up-to-date it still has a little bit of character and seems to blend well with the rest of the house.

I think this brings us up to around the end of June. The floors were finished and the bathroom was done. (Plus we had done some painting downstairs on the days Jeff was working in the bathroom). So by the time 4th of July weekend (2010) came we were moving into our first home….