Watermelon (colored) Birthday Chair


You’ll notice that I’ve (yet again) updated the look of the blog. To be honest, it’s still probably not done – gosh, I feel like no project is ever really finished with me. There is always room for improvement. But loving this layout for now.

On to another project. For the past few birthdays my mother has had Allie sit in a chair to open her presents while having the gift giver sit next to her. I’ve found this little tradition to be so adorable – this way everyone knows who the gift is from and it allows the giver to feel special sitting up there with the b-day girl. Well, seeing as we were decking out this event belovely style, after passing by a chair on the curb, I couldn’t pass up making Allie her very own birthday chair!

And here’s what I started with:

With the help of my work gloves (I can’t stand the feel of sandpaper so I wear them quite often!) I got to sanding down the chair to get any extra finish off along with old sticky stuff, and/or dirt.

After I quick wipe down and dry off with my amazing microfiber cloth she was ready for color!

Boom. Watermelon. Perfect with our color scheme for the party. Miss Pinkalicious loves her some pink.

After the first coat I had some time to kill while it dried, luckily I had this guy keeping me company out back. Such a cutie.

After my second coat on the chair was all dried up I flipped it over to make sure every angle got covered…

After the chair was perfectly pink watermelon it was all ready for some pizzazz. Oh, yea…lots of ribbons! I picked up some ribbon from Michaels – specifically 3 different rolls of 3 different pink prints.

…and tied the first print on one side of the chair. I just tied the ribbon into a knot and faced the excess off to the one side filling in the void.
And I did the same for the opposite side..

Voila! Now for the center…

I got more of a shear ribbon in a more purpley-pink color to stand out in the center more. These ribbons I cut longer than the sides since I was putting less ties and needed the length to tie them into bows.


Just love┬áthe way it turned out! And the best part is now she has a chair that is clearly Allie’s! I planned for her to keep it to have as a special chair to use for every birthday, or for a tea party or pretend Barbie playhouse… haha – the kid has quite an imagination and anything pink she can find a place for.