“Play On” by The Traubs

I’m sure as you saw in our wedding video (if not check it out here), Ryan and I gave away CDs for our favor at our wedding. Now these weren’t just a mix-tape-like CD …we actually had ourselves recorded singing our favorite love songs!

Music is something that Ryan and I just understand together and has always been a rock in our relationship.


Yea, we even had some of our engagement photos taken outside of our favorite record store, Siren Records in Doylestown PA. Photos taken by Nicole Polk.

It may seem like an incredibly expensive favor to give away at a wedding, seeing as most favors are around $2-3 each and having a professionally recorded CD made and printed just for our wedding may seem a little silly. However, we were able to make it happen in precisely in that price range!

My younger brother, Douglas is a sound engineer and has been recording music since he was …well gosh, I’m not even sure I even know – 12 years old maybe? Anyway, quite a long time. So I came up with this brilliant idea to record a CD for the wedding (as music is such a huge part of Ryan and I’s relationship, why not share that on our wedding day?) and went straight to my brother. He happily agreed to help us out, recording our voices and providing the music for each of the recreated songs. (such a talented brother we have!). As sweet of a brother he is, he refused to let us pay him for his time, energy and talents and basically gave us the gift of music for our wedding gift. Be sure to check out more of his recording talents here.

Since I was doing the CD Artwork design all myself the only thing we had to pay for was the printing and shipping. Which came out to exactly $2.50 per CD. Exactly in the favor price range! Not to mention it was a one of a kind favor and certainly something that wouldn’t get tossed away the following week. I did a lot of research and finally went with Beyond Concepts for our printing. As for the artwork, well – take a look!



We obviously named our CD based off of a Shakespeare quote which I featured on the inside of the sleeve along with our formal ‘Thank You’ to all of our guests for helping celebrate our wedding day with us. The love birds page is the tray holder (where the CD gets placed on) and the two blue love birds are also on the back of the CD in the tree. (This also ties into another design element of our wedding which I’ll be sure to mention in a future post)

The front design is an illustration of Ryan and I in our wedding day attire – Pumas and all – (drawn by yours truly) and the back features the list of songs and their origin. I also highlighted special songs with a heart as the zero and coloring one number pink. The numbers that I highlighted?  7-9-11 Our wedding date.

7. Lucky  – this is the song that I walked up the aisle to.

9. Here, There and Everywhere  – our first dance song

11. All You Need Is Love – doesn’t that say it all? ❤

For the actual disk design I decided to refer back to a more classic design. The Record. Seeing as majority of the songs on the CD are Beatles songs it just seemed appropriate.



Now on to the music. I’m sure you’re all curious as to how we sound! I must say my brother did a beyond fantastic job and we couldn’t be more pleased (and happily shocked) with the results! Just click on the tracks below to take a listen to each song.

01 July Flame

02 Eight Days A Week

03 Got Me

04 I Just Do

05 Such Great Heights

06 When I’m Sixty Four

07 Lucky

08 Anyone Else But You

09 Here, There and Everywhere

10 True Love Will Find You In The End

11 All You Need Is Love


Don’t be to cruel with your reviews of our CD! We’re by no means professional singers, but we did have a blast recording! And of course I was sure to document it!



If the blanket and scarf didn’t give it away, we recorded the vocals of the CD back in January 2011. Unfortunately, Ryan and I weren’t able to make a trip up to visit my brother to record in a studio so he magically did the vocals in my parents basement. But, if you took a listen to the tracks – I bet you wouldn’t even have been able to tell the difference. He did such an amazing job. However, us having to record at home allowed us to include our little sister, Allie on our recording of ‘All You Need Is Love’ ! She’s so cute and we’re so glad we could include our flower girl on our CD.

Amazeballs right?! We have a CD woop woop! I feel slightly famous. But then again not. Anyway, after we had our part of the CD all recorded I then had a brainchild and realized we could also use the CDs as our escort cards! Boom! Smart!



So basically all I did was type up each guests name and their table assignment. I then printed out the document on full sheet label paper, cut it into strips and then stuck them on to the top of the CDs. This gave the effect of purchasing a CD from a record store.

I then made the bins by trash picking some drawers, sanding and re-staining them. Adding some knobs from Anthropologie gave the perfect decorative touch!  To separate the drawers into sections I took some scrap wood, cut it to size and screwed it into place.
The dividers were made from illustration board with a alphabet sticker (purchased from Michaels). And voilà! A CD store selling only ‘Play On’ featured at our wedding!
More on the other table signage in later posts….


So, that about wraps up our wedding musical adventure! I’ll admit the hardest part was keeping the printed CDs and the design of my dress from Ryan. When asking for his opinion it went something like this..



Haha! I crack myself up some times. Though, in retrospect I should have drawn out some insanely fru fru dress covered in bows just to throw him off the scent.

I hope that you enjoyed this rather lengthy post about our CD debut! For as much energy, time and basically putting ourselves out there for an immense amount of criticism… it was totally worth it and we couldn’t have come up with a more awesome favor gift to give to all of our friends and family on our wedding day!